Old Episodes

This is an archive of old episodes from the original GuildCast that ran from 2005 to 2008. Much of the info is outdated by now, but I kept it all to preserve the original show notes. Take note that most of the links refer to archive.org, but that’s the only place they exist.


Episode 1 (November 19, 2005)

Welcome to this premiere episode of GuildCast. In this episode, I cover mainly what I will be doing in future episodes, giving you a basic layout of how the show will go. Some topics include:

The second upcoming Chapter, due out around March of 2006.

The Assassin Class that will be with the 2nd Chapter.

The Weapons Design Contest announced by Arenanet

The newest HIGHLY ANTICIPATED update to the 15k Tormentors armor for the Necromancer

A very basic overview of the newest update on Thursday, Nov 17, 2005

Upcoming Scam Warning segment

The GuildCast theme song is by a group called, surprisingly enough, “Guild” out of San Marcos, Texas. You can listen to their music at their Garageband page, or visit their website for more info.

Next episode will deal with more in-depth reviews of updates, more of the latest Guild Wars news and entertaining stories from the game.


Episode 2 (November 27, 2005)

In this episode I talk about the latest contest by Arenanet: the PvP Template contest. Also apologies on the “misinformation” concerning other Guild Wars podcasts.

Scam Warning Segment features talk about the Bait & Switch scam that so many try these days when using the trade window.

Coming Soon: A Fan Fiction Compendium that I’m really looking forward to, including reading the fiction stories on the podcast. Go ahead and send in email suggestions for more you’d like to hear on the show.

As always, the theme song is ‘Black Box’ by the band Guild.


Episode 3 (December 2, 2005)

I start off this episode reminiscing about my childhood love affair with my Commodore 64 and games such as Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, and the other AD&D Gold Box Series games. Also the originator of my gaming obsession, Telengard! Actually…I think I started my gaming obsession on an Atari 2600…but thats another story.

I talk a bit about the theory behind the IWAY build for PvP. Also a little about the new addition to the World Championship rules concerning guild membership.

I read a small segment of James Satan’s “North of the Wall”. You can read the rest of the story on my new Fan Fiction Page.

Next Episode I will discuss the basics of Ascension and share some secrets on class-specific ways to beat the Doppleganger.


Episode 4 (December 8, 2005)

Greetings all, in this episode I talk about the basics of the Ascension process including tips and tricks for each class on how to beat the Doppleganger.

Sadly, there has not been a game update yet again, so nothing to report there.

The Scam Segment touches on the customization of weapons and armor and how these items can’t be resold to other players, yet scammers still try it on noobs.

I also read a segment of the story “A Ranger’s Rebirth” by Dale V. Be sure to read the entire story on the Fan Fiction page.

Next episode I’ll discuss the process of changing your second profession and why you would want to do that. Also, I’ll be on vacation next week, so episode 5 may come out a few days later than normal.


Episode 5 (December 20, 2005)


Episode 6 (December 24, 2005)


Episode 7 (January 1, 2006)


Episode 8 (January 8, 2006)


Episode 9 (January 8, 2006)


Episode 10 (January 14, 2006)


Episode 11 (January 22, 2006)


Episode 12 (January 29, 2006)


Episode 13 (February 5, 2006)


Episode 14 (February 12, 2006)


Episode 15 (February 19, 2006)


Episode 16 (February 25, 2006)


Episode 17 (March 5, 2006)


Episode 18 (March 10, 2006)


Episode 19 (March 18, 2006)


Episode 20 (March 22, 2006)


Episode 21 (March 27, 2006)


Episode 22 (April 1, 2006)


Episode 23 (April 8, 2006)


Episode 24 (April 17, 2006)


Episode 25 (April 22, 2006)


Episode 26 (April 29, 2006)


Episode 27 (May 6, 2006)

Well, the problems with my media host are continuing, so this show is only available by clicking on the ‘Download This Episode’ link above. Its actually too big to put on Putfile, but I’m working on putting up my old show archive there for those of you who haven’t gotten those yet. Hopefully, as my media host has confirmed, their “server switch” won’t last much longer.

So anyway, this show is all about The Underworld. Its a really long show (the longest yet) so its packed full of info.

Some useful links discussed on this episode:

The cute little Collector’s Edition minipet

Some Factions 15k (Ascended) Armors and material lists

Underworld Map

The Theme song this week is “Living Underground” by Kiss The Girl.


Episode 28 (May 12, 2006)

This episode is all about the henchmen, describing what and who they are exactly, complete with tips on how to better manage your AI companions.

Be sure to check out the forum for my post giving more details on the new PvP Content Contributor position available for GuildCast.

Also, mark your calenders for the next contest which will be held on Sunday, May 21st at 9pm EST, 6pm PST. It will be a running contest starting from Droknar’s Forge and ending in Copperhammer Mines.

The theme song this week is “Companion” by Towhead.


Episode 29 (May 20, 2006)

This episode is all about the Necromancer, including some insight into what their attributes do and what the class is best for. I also discuss a very serious scam that’s easy to avoid: account theft.

Here’s the info for Chapter 3 that I mentioned.

Lady Sinaea provides us with yet another in her series of videos for beating the Doppleganger. This time its with her Necro Tashara. You can check it out here.

The theme music this week is “Vampire Girl” by The Suburban Vamps.


Episode 30 (May 29, 2006)

Another conversation between Lady Sinaea and I with some tidbits of info on various topics. We answer some email questions and try to make it seem like we know the answers!

Check out some info on the new Guildcast Listeners United [GLU] guild that I’ve recently started up. For those interested in joining, you can do so on this topic. You’ll need to be registered and logged in to the forum.

Also, while you’re there, check out the thread on my newest Scrimmage Tournament I’m planning.

This week’s theme song is “Questions” by My Favorite Band.


Episode 31 (June 2, 2006)

This is a Lady Sinaea show where she reads over and answers some emails including a nice in-depth one on The Deep. She also discusses her favorite Monk skills and has an all-around good time doing it!

The theme song this week is “Mixed Up World” by Bill Bairley.


Episode 32 (June 10, 2006)

This episode focuses on Infusion, from what it means, what it does and what are the best ways to get your armor infused. I also discuss in detail the whole reason behind Infusion, which is Spectral Agony. Lady Sinaea shares with us her own noob moment regarding infusion.

The Guild Wars Factions Championship: Season 2 has recently ended. You can check out all the information, including videos on the main Guild Wars website.

Also on their website is a brand new feature to Guild Wars called The Scribe. If you’re into Guild Wars current events (and you probably are if you’re listening to this podcast), then definitely give this a look.

Mr Monkington offers up his services in an email of his I read on the show. You can email him, or contact him in game under his IGNs Mr Monkington or Pure Expertise.

There’s still time to enter the Scrimmage Tournament. You can fill out an application by visiting the forum post and filling it out as instructed.

The PvP Contributor position is almost filled. I’ll be announcing next show who the person will be, so if you haven’t sent in your information to me concerning this, be sure to before next week. You still have a chance!

The theme song for this week is “Infusion” by Submarine Captain Freeze.


Episode 33 (June 17, 2006)

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Warriors are an important part of any successful party, and we’ve all probably played one at some time or another. This episode was made to give a better understanding of how the Warrior can work effectively.

I talk a bit about the Shock Warrior build that is still popular in some PvP situations.

There have been some new green items introduced to the game as well, and they can be found on this update page.

The new PvP segment of Guildcast has finally been announced today. It will be coming soon to the podcast and feature the voice and experience of Slotter. Check out his new place on the forums.

The theme song for this episode is “Strength” by Era for a Moment.


Episode 34 (June 24, 2006)

This episode is all about the Fissure of Woe, much like the Underworld episode we did a few weeks back. I go over the areas of the FoW and also each quest that you can find there.

Since the FoW can’t be mapped, here are some helpful links to some user-created maps of the area: Guildwiki | GWOnline

Check out the Dragon Festival next weekend starting June 30th at 7:00 GMT and ending on July 5th at 7:00 GMT. On the show, I say they probably mean 7pm, since they don’t say AM or PM on the Guild Wars main site, but they do mean 7am GMT, which is midnight PST. Sorry about that! :)

Don’t forget to get your tournament entries in before June 30th! There’s still room in all divisions.

The theme song this week is ‘Shadows’ by Two Ton Shoe.


Episode 35 (June, 2006)


Episode 36 (July, 2006)


Episode 37 (July, 2006)


Episode 38 (July, 2006)


Episode 39 (July, 2006)


Episode 40 (August, 2006)


Episode 41 (August, 2006)


Episode 42 (August, 2006)


Episode 43 (August, 2006)


Episode 44 (September, 2006)


Episode 45 (September, 2006)


Episode 46 (September, 2006)


Episode 47 (September, 2006)


Episode 48 (October, 2006)


Episode 49 (October 10, 2006)

The Ritualist, probably one of the most versatile professions around. In this episode Lady Sinaea and I are joined by Lysander for some of his ideas on playing an effective Rit.

For more info on playing a Ritualist, check out this extremely helpful guide.

I also answer some recent emails, including one that mentions a link to a new Nightfall pet we talked about on the Preview Event review show.

The theme song this episode is “The Ritualists” by El Diablo Ninos.


Episode 50 (October 14, 2006)

WOO HOO! 50 shows! We take a break from the usual Guild Wars talk to give you a brief history of ourselves and the podcast itself.

Now we look forward to the 1-Year Anniversary Show next month, complete with party and everything! More details to follow.

Thank you everyone for the support during 50 shows, and here’s to 50 more!

The theme song this week is “Milestone” by Good For Nothing.


Episode 51 (October 21, 2006)

In this episode, I go over my personal Top 5 favorite voice chat programs and some of my experiences with them. Here are some links to each program in no particular order, but you’ll have to listen to the show to hear how I rank them! :)

Roger Wilco

While there’s no Lady Sinaea with us this week, Cilero discusses his favorite uses for voice chat as well.

If you’re interested in more information on the Super Fan Event that Arenanet held last week, check out these articles:


The theme song this week is “Voices” by Crimson Tears.


Episode 52 (October 28, 2006)

Yeah I know we said we wouldn’t do a show this week, but there were just too many exciting changes to NOT do a show! :) This show is a solo show by Lady Sinaea where she goes over the enormous updates to the entire franchise from just prior to the release of Nightfall.

As she said, I’m sure we’ll go over these more in the coming weeks, but she wanted to get these out now since they’re such a big change to the gameplay itself.

The theme song this week is “Changes” by Sol Season.


Episode 53 (November 4, 2006)

This episode is a Skype conversation between Lady Sinaea and I where we discuss our experiences with Nightfall so far, as well as the Halloween 2006 event from last weekend.

Price Checking Links:
Guild Wars Guru Ventari’s Sell
GWOnline Traders

The theme song this week is “When Night Falls Down” by Torin


Episode 54 (November 11, 2006)

In this week’s episode we discuss Heroes. We go over some details on who the Heroes are and how to use yours more effectively.

Lady Sinaea lets us all know how she feels about the lack of a Strategy Guide for Nightfall, and talks about other Elonian issues she’s come across so far.

In the new PvP segment, I go over Hero Battles and how they’re played as well.

Be sure to check out info on the new GuildCast Football Tournament that is in development. We’re taking names of people interested in joining something like this, so be sure to also see the sign-up link at the bottom of the page.

The theme song this week is “Who’s Your Hero” by Malone.


Episode 55 (November 18, 2006)

This is our 1st anniversary show where Lady Sinaea and I read some recent emails and play some birthday wishes sent in by listeners.

The theme song this week is “Birthday” by The Sugarcubes. While researching the link to this song and band, I just discovered that the day we recorded and edited this episode was the 20th birthday of the song Birthday. What a strange, ironic coincidence :)


Episode 56 (November 26, 2006)

This is our much-anticipated farming episode, where we go over the basics of farming and some advice on how to get started in farming, whether its in PvE or PvP.

Look for a regular farming segment called “The Farm Report” being added to GuildCast in future episodes, reporting on the current state of farming in the game.

Some popular Farming Resource links:

The Glaxx Blog

Guild Wars Guru Farming Guides
Fame Farming Guide
Guildwiki Farming Guides

The theme song this week is “The Farm Song” by Zen1 & The Family.


Episode 57 (December 2, 2006)

In this week’s episode, I cover Insignias and Inscriptions. In the newly started Farm Report, I go over the easiest way to farm Balthazar Faction with a trapper group in the Zaishen Challenge.

Some links I’ve discussed:
GuildCast Football Tournament Rules
Insignias at Guildwiki
Inscriptions at Guildwiki

Forgive the crackling audio, I wasn’t aware of it until after I recorded, but it will hopefully be fixed by next episode.

Be sure to check out the latest video from the Anniversary Party. If you weren’t there, you can see what you missed and if you were there, see if you can spot yourself! :)

Next week’s show will be all about the Paragon!

The theme song this week is “My Own Weapon” by Stomach Nine.


Episode 58 (December 9, 2006)

This week its all about the Paragon, one of the newest professions introduced with Chapter 3: Nightfall.

Lady Sinaea tells us about her most recent adventures in Elona, and I catch up on some older emails from last month.

Next week there won’t be a show, but the following week will be all about the Kurzicks and the Luxons, documenting their struggle in Cantha.

The theme song this week is “Shout” by Crafted.


Episode 59 (December 23, 2006)

Ever wonder why the Kurzick and Luxon are always at war with each other? Whats the history behind their conflict? In this episode I answer those questions and more concerning these warring factions.

I also go over the many updates since our time off last week.

Lady Sinaea reads over some emails and answers some questions presented to her about her love/hate relationship with Nightfall.

Next week will be our first ever LIVE call-in show, which will both be broadcast live through Skypecasting technology and available for download as well a few days later. The topic will be “Player Wishlists for the Future of Guild Wars” where you’ll be able to tell us what you want to see in future chapters of the game. Each caller will get around 5 minutes or so to give their thoughts, with the total show lasting around 1 hour.

Be sure to read all about Skypecasting to answer any questions you may have. It will take place on Friday, December 29th at 11pm EST. If you can’t make it at this time, you can also leave a voicemail or send an email with your wishlist that I will read on the downloadable version of the show.

In order to participate in this call-in event, you must go to THIS LINK on the day and time of the event. It will not work before the event begins. There is a maximum of 100 people allowed into the room, so first come, first serve!

This episode’s theme song is “Battle Hymn” by This End Up.


Episode 60 (December 30, 2006)

In this episode, we explore the wishlists of the GuildCast listeners to see what they would like to see in future installments of Guild Wars. Its a recording of our very first show recorded completely live via Skypecasting.

Also, as mentioned, check out our interviews on Virginworlds and Warwizard Comics.

Next week’s show will be a Q&A show, going over listener email.

The theme song this week is “Three Wishes” by Went.


Episode 61 (January 7, 2007)

This being the last of our regular weekly-scheduled shows (for a while anyway), Lady Sinaea and I go over some emails we’ve received over the last month. We also talk a bit about Wintersday and what we’re doing in game lately.

If you’d be interested in having your very own @guildcast.com email forwarding address, simply donate any amount through the Paypal link in the right-hand column of this page. Be sure to include your desired name and the receiving email address, and its yours.

Next episode’s topic will probably be the Dervish. How’s that for commitment? :)

This episode’s theme song is “Answers” by FKA.


Episode 62 (January 19, 2007)

In this episode, we go over the second new Nightfall profession known as the Dervish. Not only do I give some facts and figures on this class, but I also read some tips from the listeners on how they play their own Dervishes.

The theme for next episode will be “My Top 10 Tips on How to be a Better Guild Wars Player”, or the alternate title of “How Not to Suck So Bad at Guild Wars”.

The theme song this week is “Spinning” by Anne Heaton.


Episode 63 (February 2, 2007)

**WARNING** This episode contains explicit language

In this episode, I go over my personal top 10 ways not to suck so bad at Guild Wars. And you can’t tell people not to suck without yelling and cursing a bit, right? So if you’re easily offended, don’t listen to this episode.

Check out the newest skill balance changes, as well as changes to Heroes Ascent and more here.

We also hear from a listener, Jenna, as she tells us about why she has monks on her mind. Let me know what you think of her segment in the GuildCast forums.

The theme song this episode is “We Suck” by Charm Quark.


Episode 64 (February, 2007)


Episode 65 (March, 2007)

I don’t have the show notes for this one, but it came in 2 parts. Video version here.


Episode 66 (March 16, 2007)

This episode’s theme is Target Priority where I talk about…well, prioritizing your targets! I also go over some of the recent rumors concerning Chapter 4, as well as Gaile Gray’s response to those rumors.

I also talk a bit about the newest minipet available in select PC Gaming magazines next month.

Also be sure to check out the new official Guild Wars Wiki put together by Arenanet themselves. Its far from complete, but its getting there!

Next episode will be about running a successful guild, where I’ll interview prominant guild leaders to get their best secrets.

This episode’s theme song is “Target” by Rant Music.


Episode 67 (March 24, 2007)

We have breaking news regarding the future of Guild Wars in this episode! Kristen Salvatore from PC Gamer magazine joins me for an interview about the article in the May issue. Lady Sinaea and I both give our opinions on this news, as well.

Also, be sure to check out this post on Guildwarsguru.com compiling all known information so far on Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

Next time I’ll do the Guild Leader topic, I promise :)

The theme song this episode is “The News” by The Casey Petersen Band.


Episode 68 (April 15, 2007)

This is our Guild Leader episode where we talk about what makes for a successful guild, complete with interviews with some guild leaders in the community.

Check out this link for a wealth of information regarding guild resources, including articles on being a good guild leader and much more.

The Guildcast Guilds have a new forum away from the podcast forum, so stop by and check out how our 2 official guilds are doing.

There’s a new contest in the Guildcast forums with the grand prize being your very own Asura mini-pet code! On the show I announce that its a name-that-place contest, but I decided to make it a Name-That-NPC contest instead. Same basic idea, just with people, not places. Check out the complete details in this post.

The theme song this episode is “Lead Me On” by BEV.


Episode 69 (April 21, 2007)

Yay! Hard Mode! Wait, what’s Hard Mode? In this episode, Kal Agrim and I got together for a quick Skype show to explain a bit about what Hard Mode is and our experiences with it so far. We also go over a few more of the updates on April 19th, and give our opinions. Also check out an update that happened just after we recorded this, to help balance out some of the solo farming loot issues.

The theme song this episode is “Its Too Hard” by Loomis.


Episode 70 (April 29, 2007)

Do you miss presearing Ascalon? Maybe you zipped right through it and couldn’t wait to get onto the so-called “real” game, right? Well, this episode will hopefully bring back some nostalgic memories of Tyria’s tutorial area and let you know there’s much more to presearing than Gwen and a Devourer Egg.

I also go in depth into what’s involved in the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title and I’ll read some Q&A from a couple of the few LDoA title holders in the game. These members of the hardcore presearing community hail from Presearing.com.

We also welcome a new contributor this week with Big Daddy Goose’s Back to Basics segment. Let us know in the forums what you think.

The theme song this episode is “A Beginning and an End” by Always Outnumbered.


Episode 71 (May 12, 2007)

This episode’s theme is all about class role terminology. From tank to nuker to bonder and everything in between, I go over some of the more popular terms for classes and builds so you can decifer that local chat spam.

For the newest replacement to the guildwiki builds section, check out pvxbuilds and their new improved builds.

I also mentioned a post in the forums with my future show ideas as well as a post with all of the info you’ll need to submit a segment to Guildcast.

This episode’s theme song is “Mark My Words” by Granian.


Episode 72 (May 25, 2007)

We haven’t had a Skype email show in awhile, so this week Lady Sinaea and I got together to answer some of your questions with our silliness.

As I mentioned, there’s been some new info on Eye of the North at IGN.com this week including screenshots and lore. Also be sure to check out the Hero Battle Primer that I mentioned on the show.

I also play a new segment submitted by Logen Starlogic called LFG: Mission and Bonus where he samples the many ways to complete a mission.

The theme song this episode is “Letter in the Mail” by PupeePop.


Episode 73 (June 10, 2007)

We break away from the beginner topic rut we’ve been in the last few shows to talk more about an elite area of Nightfall known as the Domain of Anguish. I talk about a brief storyline behind this area, some insight into what enemies you can expect there and more.

We also have Big Daddy Goose’s Back to Basics segment back once again where he talks about party manners, and Logen Starlogic returns for his second installment of LFG: Mission and Bonus with a deeper look into The Dragon’s Lair. Lady Sinaea shares her experiences with the Domain of Anguish in her Word on the Street segment.

Some links I promised to include this time:

GW:EN Dungeon Crawl article and video

Virginworlds Podcast Collective information

The gold Tormented Weapon skins and stats

GuildCast sticker design contest

Next week I’m going to try to get a video-only episode out concerning the Guild Wars User Interface.

The theme song this time is “Madness” by Flywheel Group.


Episode 74 (June 24, 2007)

This is Guildcast’s 1st completely video episode where I go over the User Interface and what you see on your screen in Guild Wars.

There were also some fairly large updates this last week, including the introduction of new Kurzick/Luxon and Sunspear PvE skills, and rebalancing of current skills.

Slash shows us all his l33t PvP skillz with a solo Assassin Zaishen faction farming video included in this episode.

The theme song this week is “What You See is What You Get” by Hemmit.


Episode 75 (July 1, 2007)

In this episode, I decided to go ahead and catch up on some news that I’ve not gone over lately, as well as read some email from this month. Check out these exciting new articles on Eye of the North:

Games Radar
Games Daily

And literally hours after the release of this episode, there has been a new press release concerning the retail ship date and price of GW:EN. Thanks Anet!!11! ;)

Also, there’s the article I mentioned where I was recently interviewed for Escapist Magazine.

OMG! Guildcast Listeners have invaded San Francisco!1

From left to right: Eric (Saint Olav), Erick (Baron of Brains), Shawn, Lady Sinaea, Kal Agrim, Ashti Kankano

The theme song this episode is “North” by Yellow Second.


Episode 76 (July 15, 2007)

In this episode we discuss Vanquishing Tactics, including some hints for the beginners and some tips for maximizing your vanquishing time.

Lady Sinaea tells us a little more about the very latest news regarding Eye of the North, including the newly announced release date.

Big Daddy Goose explains a bit about voice chat etiquette in his Back to the Basics segment, and we hear a segment from Drofwarc regarding his favorite Ritualist build. Greg returns this episode also for a Teamspeak recording with his guildies where they give their experiences with Vanquishing.

Next week’s episode will be a Skype Call-In Show taking place on Friday, July 27th at 8pm EST. Listeners can call in at this time, joining the SkypeCast conversation and ask questions or tell their stories to Lady Sinaea and I concerning nongamer friends and family and how they view your Guild Wars or game playing. I will record this call-in show and edit it for release the following week. The exact link to the SkypeCast will be posted in the Lounge section of the GuildCast forums next week.

The theme song this episode is “Hardtime Blues” by Josh Kirkland Band.


Episode 77 (July 29, 2007)

How the nongamers in your life view your Guild Wars gaming, that’s the topic of this episode. We were originally going to do a Skypecast live show for this topic, but Skypecasting wasn’t being very nice to us, so instead I read some listener email and did a short interview with Big Daddy Goose and his wife regarding the topic of online gaming addiction.

Check out the latest links concerning Eye of the North:

Character Armor pics
Heroes and Monsters
New Skills
New Official EotN Trailer

Next episode will be on the topic of Guild Wars Online comics, complete with interviews with some of the top online comic writers out there.

Please vote for GuildCast in the Best Gaming category at the podcast awards by following this link or clicking on the banner on the lower right side of this page. You can vote once every 24 hours, so vote daily!! :)

Also look for my NEW podcast, Oh My God Real Life! coming soon to the VirginWorlds Collective.

LATE BREAKING NEWS!!11!11one!! Disregard what I said on this episode about the possibility of exclusive content in the future for GuildCast. The GC community feels it would be a huge mistake in this particular instance, and I’d have to agree with them after many valid points were made. Now please guys, can I get down from this tree yet? ;) An audio version of an addendum is available here.

The theme song this episode is “Real Life Drama” by Rackjaw.


Episode 78 (August 11, 2007)

In this episode, Lady Sinaea and I had a chance to sit down with Michael Zenke at Mmognation to discuss his recent trip to ArenaNet for an exclusive look at the gameplay demo of Eye of the North.

I also read some news regarding the new expansion and some significant game updates. Also be sure to check out Mmognation’s Flickr page for some great photos that were taken during the demo event.

Your regularly-scheduled episode should be out in a few days still and will be the topic of GW webcomics.

The theme song this episode is “Yesterday’s News” by Knacker.


Episode 79 (August 13, 2007)

Have you ever wondered who is behind those hilarious Guild Wars webcomics? In this episode, I interview 4 of the top GW webcomic creators, including the only webcomic to have its own official fansite: Healbot Blues!

Text Interviews included:
– Carlo from Requiem for Sanity
– Cogito from Guilt Wars

Audio Interviews included:
– Mordakaida from Warwizard Comics Guild Wars
– Lee from Healbot Blues

Check out these other Guild Wars-related webcomics and fanart resources:

The Darkbow Chronicles
Guild Wars Stratics
GWG Fan Art Forum
Guild Wars Incgamers Fan Art Forum

The theme song this week is “Comic Book” by Walter the Orange Ocean.


Episode 80 (August 21, 2007)

Surprise! An early show this week where I was able to get together with a special guest and read some listener email and generally be silly.

I will be at PAX this weekend, thanks to the Super Fan Contest held last week. If you’ll be attending, look for a guy in a black GuildCast shirt and say hi! I’ll be handing out stickers as well.

Also check out the explored GW:EN map as given to me by a listener.

The theme song this time is “Jenna” by Gravity Machine.


Episode 81 (September 9, 2007)

The secondary profession is a hot topic among many Guild Wars players, so in this episode we go over your secondary’s uses and effectiveness on your character. I also talk quite a bit about my experiences lately with PAX and my views on EofN so far.

Some other topics I discuss:

– The GuildCast Wiki needs you! Check out this poll in the forums and let us know your opinion on the fate of the wiki.
Sonia Brock tells more of her storied life with episode 63, including more about Guild Wars and her virtual life.
– If you’re a GW player and GuildCast listener in the American South, check out the Great Southern Charr Roast in North Carolina this October.
– The Grawl minipet contest held last week in the forums.

The theme this episode is “Second Soul” by Fallen Penny.


Episode 82 (September 30, 2007)

We bring back Louden Swain for this Monk Episode Revisited where he, Lady Sinaea and I talk more about aspects of the monk we didn’t touch on before, including protection prayers and farming.

I also talk a bit about my newest views on EotN and the most recent game updates.

The theme song this episode is “Protect Me” by Ellf.


Episode 83 (October 2, 2007)

Now that we have some new info on GW2, I spread the word on that a bit and play a segment submitted by Greg and his guildies regarding their views on EotN.

The PCgamer.com article I mention can be found here, and more information on the newest Ultimate Guild Wars Guide issue of PC Gamer can be found here.

And of course, GuildCast Stickers can be found here.

The theme song for this episode is “Two Reasons Why” by Mothball.


Episode 84 (October 20, 2007)

With Eye of the North, we’re introduced to a new feature of the game: Dungeons. In this episode, I go over all 18 new dungeons, explaining tips, rewards and reputation points for each.

I also discuss the newest updates, including the giant skill balance, and the introduction of Hard Mode to EotN.

Check out all of the new mini pet giveaways and contests on the main Guildwars.com site and over at Gamerzine.com.

We also have a Skills and Builds segment by Logen Starlogic, centering around the Mesmer, and the Word on the Street segment by Lady Sinaea where she gives her thoughts on GW:EN… er I mean, Eye of the North :)

The theme song this week is “Ten Things” by Buried Beds. The reason I used this song is twofold. First, one of my good friends is in this band, and secondly, every song I found containing the word “Dungeon” was not a very good song ;)


Episode 85 (November 6, 2007)

I decided it was high time for another rant episode, much like the infamous episode 63, yet this one is not labeled as explicit, because I took the liberty to beep out the profanity. I sometimes find that funnier anyway. The topic this time is The Top 10 Things I Hate About Guild Wars.

Lady Sinaea also does a rant segment about Guild Wars 2 and Slash aka Generic PvP gives us his rant about the state of PvP.

The theme song this episode is “I Hate All the Things You Love” by Pinboys.


Episode 86 (November 20, 2007)

Have you ever wondered what the Norn are all about? Or perhaps you don’t have Eye of the North yet and have only heard of the Norn. This episode will help give a better understanding of this new race, as well as the skills associated with their reputation title track.

Be sure to check out the info on the new Online Store goodies, as well as the GW merch available.

Lady Sinaea takes a break from her Word on the Street to bring us a Skill & Builds segment all about conditions.

The theme song this episode is “Northern Girl” by Brian Irwin.


Episode 87 (November 27, 2007)

In this episode, I have a very special guest interview with Jackie of the PvP guild Rebel Rising [rawr] concerning their 2008 RAWR Cup. There’s still time and spots left to sign your guild up for this tournament, so head on over to the details page at Guildcafe for more info.

The theme song this episode is “Rawr” by Jim Jones Electric Kool Aid Party.


Episode 88 (December 4, 2007)

In this 88th episode, I go over the Ebon Vanguard of Eye of the North. I explain more about their history, they skills and an effective way to farm Vanguard Reputation points.

This time we have segments from Logen Starlogic and Jenna, as well as a PvP segment that I read, written by Generic/Slash.

I also talk a bit about the new Bonus Mission Packs that went live this week. I will be having a complete show topic on these mission packs soonish.

Also, something you MUST see is this new Gamestop commercial for the holidays, featuring some Eye of the North characters.

The theme song this episode is “Only Human” by SoundPoets.


Episode 89 (December 19, 2007)

The Assassin Revisited! In this episode, I try to cover the aspects of the Assassin class that I didn’t cover in episode 43. I read mostly from a great guide on the official GW wiki, but we also hear a large segment submitted to me by several GuildCast listeners: Chipmunk Kitty, Angron, Toodles, Shinobi and Leeroth.

Lady Sinaea also graces us with her holiday homage to GuildCast as she does best!

The theme song this episode is “Good Thing We’re Ninjas” by Eighties Combat.


Episode 90 (December 27, 2007)

In this episode Lady Sinaea and I do a much needed email show and I explain some big news concerning the podcast and GuildCast guilds.

We answer emails from Kris, Lord Xhea, Stewart, The Tastiest Teabag, Kydane Longshot and Wes.

I wish everyone a happy Wintersday and hope everyone enjoys the Wintersday festivities in game!

The theme song this week is “Here It Comes” from Uranium 235.


Episode 91 (January 7, 2008)

This… is… Jeopardy!

We do something a bit different with this episode and try out some Guild Wars Jeopardy over Teamspeak, featuring contestants Matt, John, Jenna and Mike from the Sigil of Nightfall guild.

I hope you all have as much fun listening to this episode as we had making it. Heck, you might even learn something too! I know we all did!

The theme song this episode is “I Lost on Jeopardy” by Weird Al.


Episode 92 (January 24, 2008)

In this episode, I talk all about the Asuran race. Much like the other Eye of the North race shows, this one goes over what the Asura are, what their reputation title means and how to gain more reputation.

I also go over some news, including the announcement that the Bonus Mission Pack will be available to anyone to purchase on January 28th.

I also read over some listener email, including one from Raphiel, Talon Freebird, Mike and Mark. In response to one of the emails, I mention GuildCafe for all of your guild searching needs, so go check them out too!

If you can guess the theme song this episode, be the first to email me with the name of the song and the composer’s name, and you’ll win a bunch of random golds and greens from my storage! Woot!


Episode 93 (February 5, 2008)

In this episode, I cheat a bit and combine all current class trends into one show. This includes a large segment on the Rit submitted by Chiyo and some other listener-submitted segments as well.

Be sure to check out the new PvXwiki.com Contest going on right now!

For each class, I discuss certain builds that are most effective in certain situations (mostly PvP), Please refer to the following build template codes for access to the builds discussed in this show:


1. Trampling Ox Conditionway – OwFj0xezIT0ZjPAQ9PXhGfIM3OA
2. “You’re All Alone” Variant – OwFi0xjMRYN+8w0/cFa8hwIAAA
3. Grenth’s Grasp Assassin – Owpk0teyIraU3zVoCD/TCECG3mAA
4. AoD Shock Sin – OwZkgId6HOyzAr7lwOHKMEmLrBC
5. Shattering Assault Sin – OwBj0te2IPlZ/nYOBe7Oz6PBA
6. Critical Scythe – OwpjMqp8KSLixZBYQXsXnZDQCAA
7. Hero attles SP Sin – OwFj0xe24S0Z3OjPAQ9PXhGfIMA


1. Avatar of Melandru RA Derv – OgGikys8IfDwD4gSz9nIuFAA
2. AoM GvG Variant – OgGikys8IfDwN3BcQRcfgFAA
3. Teleport Spiker – Ogej4NpMLPTwBcAu5i72RyXBAA


1. Blinding Surge – OgBSgYGPXVvR5QUAAQGhDBA / B Surge Warder – OgNUg4kywnMZ1byVFZIKgFhDBA
2. Mind Blast Ele – OgpkgcKMDuijf+XwN6FiC2LuosC
3. Invocation Ele – OgpjowM6KO+5ehuAAweLr4CBA


1. Conundrum Spiker – OQdUAQBPSfNBVVwGwNXEAAZABA
2. Migraine Mesmer – OQNUAswO4mM1gPwWzBI6yAjO0I
3. Glyph of Energy – OQZUASBPQUFHrIeQUZoDzQAA
4. Deadly Shutdown – OQdTAGB75xNTBlYdAIWI7NLAAA
5. Hex Eater Mesmer – OQhkAgC8gGKDR1DgByAYwiQR9iB


1. Zealous Healer – OwcT8YI/n5SPTEIrEt4mumIwA
2. Word of Healing GvG Monk – OwYT04nCxRjQSmJb66RNJggMA
3. HA RC Monk – OwUTMsHDXiiQLam4uSg4BsmwEAA


1. Spiteful Hexer – OAZSY4DL5hQfGHyYAAIjAA
2. Toxic Chill Spiker – OAdTUYD61xNnF2z8s38OqqKAA
3. Tainted Warder – OAZTUUDm4IOfRNeBZwKWCA


1. Song of Resto Paragon – OQGlUhlq5cmo5EkfwWYuy6mD7ul3A
2. Defensive Anthem Para – OQGkUhlpJiuzDOIPhtwclPs7WeD


1. Burning Arrow Ranger – OgMU8mLjzcO62HjqZ2kX/1+GBA
2. Broad Head Arrow Ranger – OgMU8mLjzcOuyHjqZ2kX/1+GBA
3. Bunny Thumper Ranger – OgETMZrexBAsUALzycNtZzIAA


1. Rit Runner – OAqjEuiMpNYbvJGLjJNjnDzDM
2. Hero Battle Rit – OASkcggaITKDFbyJNVnTsvpUNRA


1. Dev Hammer Warrior – OQgSE5JPjFwyZhpYY/J81kL
2. Shock Axe – OQYTgmIL5QqQlqnjpa9nCA
3. Harrier’s Axe – OQojEhSsqSSFQFSiMFaFob1XCAA
4. Rending Touch Axe – OQoSEZJPSFoCVhp4f1K/EBA
5. Dragon Slash Warrior – OQASEZKL+FgN1LOTpV/kAA
6. Backbreaker – OQASE5JPmFwyXhp8T4rGWBA
7. Death’s Charge Hammer Spiker – OQcUExJX1vImFY9Va1Ph7BgAA

Plus, here’s the RA soloer video I mentioned. It can be easily defeated by the Deadly Shutdown Mesmer build given above.

And if you’re still reading this far down, the theme song for this episode is “Build It Back” by Go Pound Salt.


Episode 94 (February 18, 2008)

We don’t know too many details about Guild Wars 2 just yet, but I get together with a few friends to have a roundtable discussion on our opinions of the facts so far. I gathered 2 people from each side of the fence: those for GW2 and those against.

On the FOR side we have Louden Swain and Logen Starlogic. On the AGAINST side we have Aurora Scion and Lady Sinaea.

We discuss 10 topics that I chose from the official GW2 wiki and NikiWiki. The 10 topics are:

      – Auction House: Yay or Nay?


      – How will we pay? With no monthly fees still, will Anet turn to microtransactions?


      – Introduction of a Z-Axis for characters


      – Persistent vs. Instanced worlds


      – What is World PvP and how different will it be from the PvP we know now?


      – Raised or no level cap?


      – New Playable races… will we play them?


      – How will we cope without our current characters 250 years into the future?


      – The new companion system might do away with Heroes. Or will it?


    – Is there any 1 thing that would serve as a deal breaker for GW2?

The theme song for this episode was “Two Halves of Two” by Not Katies.


Episode 95 (February 21, 2008)

This is a Lady Sinaea show, where she takes this opportunity to give her final thoughts on everything from Guild Wars to GuildCast to life itself.

“So long and thanks for all the fish!”

The theme songs this episode are “Meant to Be” and “Mesmerized” both by Lady Sinaea.


Episode 96 – Finale (March 4, 2008)

Well, this is it. The final episode of GuildCast is finished. It’s not a mega-spectacular extravaganza of an episode, but simply a way for me to express to the listeners how the podcast came to be, how it progressed and why it’s ending. I tell some things on this episode that I’ve never told before.

Included are some recordings I did during the GuildCast Finale event at ConNooga a few weeks back.

The theme song this episode is “Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli.


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