GuildCast is an audio podcast focusing on Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Topics range from current Guild Wars events and updates to news and speculation on what’s to come.

While GuildCast has officially been around since 2005, this new and improved version has been reborn to include original host Shawn Schuster and Massively.com’s lead Guild Wars blogger, Rubi Bayer. Join them each week for an hour of humor, craziness and even a bit of useful information sometimes.

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email over to shawn AT guildcast DOT com and/or rubi AT guildcast DOT com.


9 responses to “About

  1. Hey Shawn & Rubi,

    First of all I’d like to say it is great to see you up and running again with the shoutcast, you are doing an amazing job once again!

    The reason I’m writing is to ask if you allow people to stream/host your podcast on other websites? Currently we are working on a Guild Wars 2 fansite (www.gw2fans.com) and are trying to bring full coverage of everything related to the game. Your podcast is a missing piece right now.

    As an example to show how we would love to display your podcast, I’ve temporarily added your podcast on our mainpage with a link to your wordpress website. Besides that we would also love to include a newspost whenever a new podcast is released. This all will (hopefuly) mean more exposure & visitors for your podcast & website and more specific content for us.

    I hope you would grant us permission to do so, if not we will ofcourse remove the content. Either way, I’d like to wish you the best of luck with the podcast!

    Kind regards,

    Bram Brands

    PS. Right now the audio player on our mainpage is experience some difficulties in both IE and FF. We will address those problems right away.

  2. Joseph Magee

    Dear Shawn and Rubi,

    Hello this is my first time listening to GuildCast and I have to say that you are all fantastic! You two do a extraordinary job at covering the latest and greatest news of Guild Wars and ArenaNet and I say great job! Keep up the good work! I am a hardcore Guild Wars fan and it’s really nice to hear nerds like me 🙂 talk about this amazing game!

    Your fellow l337 GW plyr,

    Joseph Magee

    PS. If it’s alright may I get yall’s IGN in Guild Wars? It would be awesome to be ur friends :). Cya!

  3. Erik Mm

    Hey Shawn & Rubi,

    Long time listener of GuildCast newish fan of Massively. just saying that I’m over joyed with the return of GuildCast, just hearing your voice made me want to play GuildWars again.
    keep up the awesome job, hope to see you around

    -Erik Mm

  4. I’ve heard the “How not to suck at Guild Wars” but you are forgetting the “How to be an Awesome Elementalist” written by yours truly.

    Im listening to ep 6 right now, and good work, I hope you keep getting better and better…

    And deep inside the small chunk of coal I call heart I hope you stop hating assasins, they are ALSO cool

    Cheers! D.

  5. Criswell

    I had pretty much forgotten how much fun Guild Wars was, especially around holiday times, when Rubi reminded me about the Dragon Festival (4th of July). I stopped playing Guild Wars because I reached a plateau I could not surmount in each of the 4 story lines. I could use quite a bit of assistance in surmounting these obstacles. 😦 Thanks for resurrecting GuildCast.

  6. Hej Shawn and Rubi,

    I was speculating on the professions, searching the wiki for art that could maybe give a hint to an upcoming profession. Then i found this picture of a Sniper: http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/File:Horia_Dociu_Sniper_concept_art.jpg. It could be a possible sniper profession. Also in the Dynamic Events article they talk about centaur snipers (:

    PS: cant wait to play the sniper, then again what if they dont make a sniper profession? o.O for the first time in my life i’m concerned!

  7. Nocturnal Lunacy

    Hey how’s it going? I’ve been listening to your podcast regularly via iTunes and this website. You’ve made a few comments about Gamestop making up their own release date for GW2 and I was quite irritated at Gamestop for that. I went to Gamestop and told them I was quite disappointed that they would lie to GW fans and tell them a false release date and demanded a refund. After getting the refund, I noticed that they kept the fee for the hold on the game. So I demanded to see the manager and told him that it is not right to keep the hold fee for a game that doesn’t exist yet. I told him that I was going to spread thru the gaming community how they lied to us at which the manager refunded the hold fee. But yeah, I am greatly disappointed at Gamestop for this.

    • MediaMaster9000

      OMG seriously! So annoying! I went to Subway with my dad today, but I got there before him. So I went next door to Gamestop to wait. As I walked in, the clerk was telling a customer about GW2, so naturally in my excitement I joined in. Just as the customer was leaving, the clerk told the customer to get his pre-order soon because A-net was releasing it in NOVEMBER! I was like, “WTF dude! A-net has said no such thing. The closest to a “release date” you can find was the “tentative projection” they gave stockholders for early 2011, but that doesn’t mean anything. And it CERTAINLY doesn’t mean November!” He was like, “Well I’m just going off what I heard.” And I said, “well you heard wrong, so stop telling people false info just to get a damned reservation. Maybe do your research, Brrrrroo.” Then I told the customer, “All A-net has said is, ‘it’ll be ready when it’s ready.’ But it’s going to be awesome!”

  8. Alusian

    Wow, it’s been awhile Shawn. Good to see that you are back. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but it’s making me all nostalgic inside about all those fun times we had back in the day just reading this about page.

    Guilds Wars 2 has potential to be the best mmo of 2011 and quite possibly the past few years. I cannot wait for it to get here, and god willing, have Sinaea you Louden and all the other friends from back in the day back together again in Tyria.

    Glad you’re back
    Alusian Fareluil, battlemage

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