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Announcement about end of audio RSS feed

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So I released a little audio clip on the current RSS feed reminding everyone to make the switch over to the Gamebreaker site. Here’s a run-down of what I said:

I hope you’ll join us in the new format. Watch for a new and improved Gamebreaker 2.0 site coming soon as well. Thanks everyone!



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Episode 58 (Gamebreaker GuildCast Episode 7)

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By now, you have caught up on the news that Guild Wars 2 will be sending out beta invites to press in February and to the rest of the world in March and April. Hopefully, GAMEBREAKER is on the short list to receive invites, but what does that mean for you? Well, ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien says that this means that the game will release sometime this year. However, it does not really mean open-beta in March, but it’s Shawn Schuster‘s speculation that it will be similar to the way that BioWare handled the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta: You get a beta key; you get a beta key; everybody gets a beta key! But Shawn’s epic beard disagrees.

Guild Wars 2 looks to be the next great MMO, and it’s releasing sometime this year — not June 28th, though. If you are looking forward to this game as much as we are, when you need to keep your eyes on GAMEBREAKER. Gary Gannon has gathered two of the biggest GuildWars fans from Massively: Editor-in-Chief Shawn Schuster and Community Manager Rubi Bayer. Every week, catch their commentary on GuildCast!

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