Episode 57 (Gamebreaker GuildCast Episode 6)

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The controversy revolving around Guild Wars 2 supposed lack of endgame continues. It’s about time we had an expert on the show that has had at least as much game time as our resident expert Rubi Bayer. We introduce to you the winner of the Guild Wars 2 Ambassador video contest, Dan Workman. For the first half of the show, we place Dan in the line of fire allowing him to explain the exciting intricacies of the GW2 dungeon system and how unlike most themepark MMOs the endgame for Guild Wars 2 is pretty similar to what the player has been doing before he hit max level.

Not only has Gary Gannon invited Dan Workman to the show but also two of Massively‘s senior staff and huge Guild Wars fans, Community Manager Rubi Bayer and Editor-in-Chief Shawn Schuster. Fans have more questions that answers about ArenaNet‘s up-coming MMO, but GAMEBREAKER is here to bring you its answers and educated speculation in your source for updates and news: GuildCast!


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