Episode 56 (Gamebreaker GuildCast Episode 5)

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Thanks to Guild Wars Insider, which sat down with Guild Wars 2 Lore and Continuity Designer Ree Soesbee, we actually have some very interesting news to talk about. Lore really is the pillar of the Guild Wars franchise. Most MMOs have lore, but it’s really not a focal point; certainly most players cannot tell you one bit about why things are the way they are in certain games. However, the fans of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 have a firm grasp on why the thing happens in the land of Tyria. With over 1500 different dynamic events scheduled to be in GW2, the writers and lore experts at ArenaNet have a lot of intricate details to keep track of.

The world of Guild Wars 2 is vast and diverse, you need to know where to turn to find out the information on this highly anticipated MMO. Gary Gannon, a pioneer of gaming media, delivers a fun and thought provoking show with other gaming experts. This week, Gary is joined by Community Manager and writer of the Guild Wars weekly column The Flameseeker Chronicles on Massively, Rubi Bayer as well as host of GAMEBREAKER’s Legendary and ZAM’s BFF Report, Mike B aka Fony. Guild Wars 2 is slated to launch this year; you want to know all you can as soon as you can. You have to watch GuildCast!


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