Episode 55 (Gamebreaker GuildCast Episode 4)

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The rumors you’ve heard are true. According to resident Guild Wars 2 fangirl Rubi Bayer, our most anticipated MMO of next year will have no endgame raiding. What does that mean? Rubi says that ArenaNet, the game developer, tells her that the whole game is endgame. Huge bosses and world-changing group events start no more than ten minutes outside of character creation, but it doesn’t end there. As you gain levels, your character and the other players he interacts with have an actual impact on the world. The really good content starts right out of the gate, not just at max level. Many gamers follow the sentiments of our host Gary Gannon when he asks, “What am I going to do when I get [to max level]? Am I just going to be standing around?” Shawn Schuster, editor-in-chief at Massively, describes it as a sandbox of themeparks. However, ArenaNet remains quite vague on the details.

GuildCast covers everything you want to know about the next most-anticipated MMO Guild Wars 2. Gary Gannon snatched up two of the leading GW2 experts in gaming media — Shawn Schuster and Rubi Bayer from Massively — to answer your questions and give you the latest news from this MMO that hopes to change the face of the genre forever. If you love Guild Wars 2 or cannot wait to find out more about the game, then each and every week, you have to watch GuildCast!



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7 responses to “Episode 55 (Gamebreaker GuildCast Episode 4)

  1. Ehra

    On the topic of different classes having better armor, something else to consider is health. I don’t remember where exactly, but I recall reading that each class will actually have different base health values (unlike Guild Wars 1). While the Guardian can wear heavy armor, I recall him actually being on the low end as far as total health goes. Then on the other hand, you’ve got the Necromancer who uses light armor but actually has a pretty high health amount, and the developers have actually said that the Necromancer is one of the most survivable or hardest to kill classes.

    I think each class will end up having their own way of surviving enemy attention (don’t want to call it “tanking”). Warriors have high health and armor and abilities like shield block to absorb damage and take hits. Guardians provide buffs to themselves and their allies while disabling the enemy’s ability to hurt you in various ways. Necromancers can fear enemies away and had abilities like Life Siphon that heal them while damaging others. And so on.

    It’s also worth remembering that we no longer have dedicated healers, so taking your party member with the most armor and making him stand up front and take hits won’t necessarily be a good idea. Staying alive is an active process and requires the use of various class abilities and dodging, not strapping on the best armor you’ve got and trusting your healer to keep your bar up.

  2. Ehra

    Heh, maybe I should listen to the entire episode before replying :p

    This is now in reply to endgame and what it might mean for “everything” to be “endgame.” My thoughts on this when I read this was that it’d be kinda like City of Heroes before they brought out the Incarnate System. Sure you eventually hit the max level and there was new stuff to do at that level, but low level content wasn’t “obsolete.” In a game like World of Warcraft, if you take your level Badass Paladin back to Deadmines you’re still going to be level Badass and the Defias pirates are still going to be level suck; you’re going to steamroll the place and none of the rewards will be relevant. In City of Heroes if you would take your level 30 or whatever hero and join a group for a level 11 Task Force you’d be temporarily bumped down to level 11 for the duration of the Task Force. Even though you had a super high level character, you still couldn’t breeze through low level content. And once you finished the Task Force you were given merit tokens which could be traded in for rewards that were relevant to even a high level character.

    Guild Wars 2 looks to be doing similar things. When you go to low level areas, your character’s level is adjusted down to roughly match that of the area so you’re not 1 shotting event bosses that are meant to require groups of people. Completing events grants you Karma which you use to buy various goods for vendors; even completing a “low level” event as a high level character will grant you karma you can spend on high level loot. I’d imagine dungeons also take advantage of this level adjustment feature, so even the “beginning” dungeon would still be worth running as a max level character, as far as rewards go (not to mention that each dungeon is supposed to have its own unique looking armor and weapons).

    When I hear “everything is endgame,” to me that means you can do any content you want and still feel like you’re progressing your character.

  3. Will you guys be keeping GuildCast as a subscribable podcast on itunes? I don’t mind if it’s video, or under Gamebreaker (as a subsection). I still want to subscribe, but I don’t see myself visiting the gamebreaker site.

  4. Zulika

    I have really missed you guys doing Guildcast and now that I have listened to the new format, I still miss you guys doing Guildcast 😉

    I started listening after following you guys on Massively for a while and it got me to finally pick up the game, which was great.

    Anywho thanks for all the work you have put in over the years! Good luck with the new medium and fanbase!

  5. Finally got to hear your podcast after missing a few since they arent up yet as audio….but I do miss the OLD Guildcast just Rubi and Shawn format. Feels too formal…and you guys aren’t as free spirited and loose as before on Gamebreaker.

  6. Morgan19

    As much as it pains me, I agree about missing the old format… I’ve listened to every pre-GameBreaker GuildCast on long work-related drives over the past year or so, but on my last trip I tried listening to the new GB-format shows and couldn’t make it through them… I think a lot of it’s the new host’s used-car salesman voice and overly-dramatic mannerisms that seem so ridiculously out-of-place. Whatever the reason, the show’s become unlistenable for me and that makes me sad. =\

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