Episode 54 (Gamebreaker GuildCast Episode 3)

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Guild Wars 2 does not plan to be a flash-in-the pan MMO. According to Massively Community Manager Rubi Bayer, the developers at ArenaNet will attempt to delve into eSports. However, given the other big MMOs on the market — Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft specifically — will a lesser known IP like Guild Wars be able to compete in this market? In a very diplomatic twist, Rubi responds with, “This isn’t the Highlander; there can be more than one.” She goes on to say that there are no MMO police going to break down her door to uninstall her other games once GW2 releases. In fact, given the business model of Guild Wars 2 — no monthly subscription — players have no guilt about “wasted money” for playing one of their subscription MMOs and letting Guild Wars 2 sit for a bit.

Every week, GuildCast jumps into the latest Guild Wars 2 news to answer your questions about what is inspiring the Guild Wars community. This week, hosts Gary Gannon and Rubi Bayer are here for the community. Even though ArenaNet’s staff has taken vacation, we have not, so we take this moment to answer your most pressing questions about the yet-to-be-released MMO on the best Guild Wars show on the internet GuildCast!


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