Episode 53 (Gamebreaker GuildCast Episode 2)

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If have not caught the Guild Wars 2 fever yet, then it’s time to get sick. Guild Wars 2 in on the crux of release, and our team at GAMEBREAKER is here to help contract the virus. Our panel consists of MMO experts from all over the genre. Our host Gary Gannon invited Community Manager and Guild Wars expert from Massively Rubi Bayer and MMO PvPer and host of ZAM’s BFF Report Mike B to the show to exchange ideas about the latest Guild Wars 2 news.

To start us off, we hit Massively’s interview with ArenaNet‘s  Eric Flannum and Jon Peters. In the interview the Mesmer class is described as a complicated class. In fact, Rubi explains that ArenaNet released the classes from easiest to understand to the most complicated, and the Mesmer was the last-released class. “The Mesmer is a class where you can’t just jump in and start flinging fireballs,” Rubi details. Also in the interview, the Flannum and Peters mention the achievement system, but unfortunately, our panel can only speculate what exactly is involved.

Combat mechanics and more about the mysterious Thief in this episode. However, if you have not caught the premiere episode with Massively’s Editor-In-Chief Shawn Schuster be sure to catch that after you watch this exciting and informative episode of GuildCast!


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