A reminder about tonight’s premier video Guildcast episode! Also, Mesmer.

Download Mesmer

Hey all! I recorded a little something as a reminder of our video version of Guildcast premiering tonight at GameBreaker.TV. Check us out at 9pm EST where we’ll talk about the closed beta beginning tomorrow and THE FREAKING MESMER REVEAL OMG OMG. Ahem.




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14 responses to “A reminder about tonight’s premier video Guildcast episode! Also, Mesmer.

  1. xoiea

    awesome news, can’t wait to see your epic happy face on the Mesmer reaction, you’re right what a coincidence doing a video show especially after a Mesmer reveal, what are the chances huh?

    anyway, I won’t be able to watch due to conflict of schedule, any chance for a re-broadcast, it is a live show right?

  2. shawnguildcast

    Oh! Yep, the recorded version usually pops up on Gamebreaker the following day. I’ll also see about getting the audio to release on the podcast feed like normal.

    • xoiea

      great, or maybe they can put it up earlier mesmer, you know and mesmer everything, so i can watch mesmer and mesmer mesmer. maybe I’ll just try mesmer and get home earlier and catch the show mesmer mesmer

  3. Falkin

    The best part is where you said mesmer

  4. TJ

    Did you see the mesmer on Anet’s video? The have curved swords! CURVED SWORDS! πŸ™‚

  5. Mazrim

    So how about that minstrel reveal… ^_^

  6. mcsumo

    Any idea when the recording will be posted? Unfortunately the show was the middle of the night for me here, so I have been waiting impatiently all day.

  7. Audio, video, either, both to the guildcast podcast feed will be ideal. ❀

  8. Conor

    Wait, so we can’t listen to pre recorded things anymore? It’s only live? This is really disappointing. I can’t work my schedule around when guildcast will be on.

  9. Excellent show, guys! As others have said, an audio only version would be super awesome.


  10. John

    Great Show guys. Shaun, nice beard buddy that screams NORN so much :).
    and Rubi wow, you are the pure essence of Silvari Beauty πŸ™‚

    I hope this new format really does kick off well for you guys, it’s great to see hard work and determination pay off for you too.

    Pity about the Closed in House Beta but well at least the game is moving along.

    Till Next week, keep safe.

  11. I realise that it’s up there for me to watch on Gamebreaker, but is there, or will there be a podcast-able version?

    • TJ

      Shaun had mentioned that it will most likely be put on an audio only so people can still listen. I also noticed that the Gamebreaker version is not on itunes yet so that I can subscribe like I do for TWIMMO.

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