Episode 49

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We’re back! Sorry for the delay, but here we are, rambling on as usual about our favorite game. This episode, Rubi talks in great detail about her experiences at PAX in Seattle, from the hands-on demos to the party at the ArenaNet studio.

The GuildCast theme song is “The Dirt” by Goddessmusic.

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email over to shawn@guildcast.com or rubi@guildcast.com. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening!



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10 responses to “Episode 49

  1. darksoul

    go go Pax Indianapolis! they could call it Pax crossroads!

    just my thoughts,


  2. Rich

    Great Cast again Shawn and Rubi!! I wish I could have joined you on it!! Have a few GW2 fan/PAX attendess chatting!! Im still soo envious you made the party, but I had my good Karma none the less!

    I had only 2 matches in PvP Sunday morning, and Neo actually was on my team and we lost about 500 to 200 ish. was fun, but need alot of time on it. Right off the bat there is so much about the skills and what they do that is important to know.

  3. Rich

    Forgot to say, yes… the 10 winners got the charr plushie and the Anet shirt. I was one of the lucky ones to get one! one of your guildies got it! We can put any name , up to 14 letters, and 2 numbers.

  4. Nekketsu86

    Don’t give up on PvP yet, Rubi!
    I hate all of the pressure and skill required in small (5v5, etc.) PvP matches like you do, but I LOVE large scale battles where there’s little pressure and skill evens out between large groups of players.
    Don’t give up on PvP until you’ve tried WvW!

    Also, you can count me in the Asura fan club too.
    Did you see their roflmao animation? 😛

  5. Falkin

    So the thing is…
    For the showfloor demo you had a more limited character customisation then the one they showed at the developer played demos.
    On the demos that they live streamed, you could indeeed tweek your face after you had chosen a model.
    There were sliders like you know it from Aion…

    Don’t know why it wasn’t ready for the public demos, but it is avaiable in the final release of the game

  6. Ally

    Really enjoyed this guildcast. After all the emphasis Arena net has put into letting people make their own unique armour and weapons combinations I don’t think they’d be so silly as to give us preset faces like in guild wars 1. I’m pretty sure I saw an interview where he said there’d be a slider for nose size and what not.
    It was lovely to listen to Rubi’s enthusiasm about Asura. they really are super cute but personally I don’t think I’d ever play them. They’re hard to take seriously 😀
    Human – Sylvari – Norn – Asura – Charr
    (Charr are too scary >_<)
    Thanks again for the hard work guys and taking time out of your busy schedule to make us these guildcasts 🙂

  7. Nice episode!

    I really enjoyed Rubi’s account of the ANet office party and PAX! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  8. Two months my life was empty, two whole months 😥

    Now you’re back I can here Rubi’s lovely laughter and Shawn’s… Well… Being Shawn 😉

  9. HeyJa3

    Love the show guys. I am VERY new to this whole guild wars thing, but I really want to get into it before the release of GW2 (because come on… how can it not be the greatest game ever?).

    Anyway, I am avid SC2 fan and I listen to something called State of the Game. That may sound random, but I bring this up because they are consistent with when they do a show (every week on tuesday). Not saying that you guys should do a show every week, but could u possibly have some set day/time that you do the show so that we know when to expect the next show instead of having to wait an unforseeable amount of time for the next show? Just a suggestion. =]

    BTW, you guys are great, and that is EXACTLY why I’d like to know when you’ll be back on.

    Also, I think Shawn mentioned this, but I’d like to hear some actual Guild Wars (not 2) talk every once in a while. I am a new GW player wanting to gain some HoM points and it would be nice to get some tips and tricks to make life easier. Just a thought.

    Great job you guys, and hopefully you guys come on more often.

  10. Overlord

    Very cool podcast, sounds like a great fan meet at the ArenaNet offices.
    Where is that motion capture picture with Elixabeth posted?

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