Episode 48

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This week, we’re joined by Dan, aka MediaMaster9000, who was also at the Fan Day event in Seattle last month. He explains his impressions of the game time he spent playing through dungeons. We get some nice dialogue going back and forth about the roles in Guild Wars 2 — will we all be running around aimlessly seeking a traditional role, or are the roles just not as we’d expect them?
We also read through a heap of email, including one discussing the dye system in GW2. You can find a helpful post on the subject here.
Also, don’t forget to enter our guild site contest, running until July 25th. Thanks for listening!

The GuildCast theme song is โ€œThe Dirtโ€ by Goddessmusic.

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13 responses to “Episode 48

  1. Ken

    Nice episode! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Nice podcast! I just wanted to comment on the character slot issue. I strongly suspect that we will be given 5-6 slots at release. Considering Guild Wars 1 always gave 2 less than the maximum released professions, it seems like that will be left intact for GW2. Expecting that some will play less than all of the professions, and many will play one of each, and a lesser number will play far more than 8, 6 seems like a good compromise. I know that you can theoretically have 40 characters (race x class), but then again, you can have 80 (race x class x gender). I don’t think either of those are realistic to expect people to actually play though.

    • ArcherAvatar

      This is, “putting hammer to nail” as they say… my guess is also 5-6, and for the exact same reasons given. It needs to be enough to not feel overly restrictive, and yet be small enough that they can still realisitically sell additional slots and expect some folks to be interested in buying them.

      As near as I can tell there were quite a few multiple account households in GW1, and I expect this will also be the case in GW2… personally, 2 accounts right out the gate are guaranteed here, and the only thing my Lady and I are discussing is whether we also need a third “joint account” that we can use easily for a couple of alts / “mules” or not…

  3. Msenge

    Those weapons aren’t going to be the only weapon sets available in WoC. There will also be an Imperial weapon set released later. Also, I agree about the tedium in killing afflicted after afflicted, but I can see why they had to do it that way. But the side type quests available from Lei Peng in KC were different. My favorite was the boxing quest with Courier Falken. He’s pretty lol-tastic.

  4. csquirrelrun

    You’ve probably already been told this, but the giant Warrior afflicted boss wasn’t the last quest of this first chapter, there are large versions of almost all the professions in one particular quest. I believe (I had the same problem) that it tells you in the reward quest text to go see a Ministry of Purity person in Seitung harbour. They’ll send you off on more clean-up missions on Shing Jea and then you’re back onto the main land for clean up in the Jade Sea and Echovald forest before going back to Kaineng to begin troubleshooting the other problem that area has, namely the gang warfare between Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood. I don’t want to spoil anything for you but if you haven’t done them there are a whole lot more quests for you to do. The last one was a blast, mostly because the guy I was playing with is an amazing warrior, but also because it was hard ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Kay Oz

    I just started listening to your podcast with episode 48 and i enjoyed it very much. Thank you. I’ll decide quickly whether to go down from 47 – 1 or begin from the first and if nothing disturbes me i could be through on thursday ๐Ÿ™‚
    As far as i know, in structured pvp there will be the ability to build a team of your own or get random, however you like, in both – competition and pick-up play mode. World pvp could be open to join alone or in group i guess but don’t know if there will be larger groups or alliances possible.
    Hope you didn’t already stopped reading cause of my bad gramma and other mistakes, i’m sorry but english ain’t my mother tongue.
    Keep on casting everlasting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. ArcherAvatar

    Thank-you so much for trying to describe the difference in the “feel” of the mechanics of GW2. My circle of MMO friends are adamant that “Trinity” will be alive and well in GW2, and I’ve been trying to explain to them that there is still room for “roles” within a group, and coherent group dynamics, without the presence of (as you so aptly put it, “boring”) old trinity group dynamics.

    There is a lot of rigid, static, lazy thinking in the MMOverse on this topic in particular, and at this point in it’s development there simply isn’t enough cold, hard data available to crack through that sort of stubborn mindset. The vast majority simply will not be convinced until they are able to experience it first-hand for themselves. Many, many players will likely come to GW2 with their preset conceptions that have been built up from past MMOs, and it’s going to be a bumpy ride for those first couple of months after the release of the game as the MMO community as a whole decides how it’s going to react to something that is actually “NEW” instead of just a newer version of the same old thing.

    Hopefully, sources of news and info (like Guildcast) will continue to consistently put this sort of information “out there” and eventually it will start sinking in.

  7. GhostBoy

    For the benefit of those that don’t trawl Guildwars2Guru, Eric Flannum posted a clarification about Dans concerns regarding random groups, WvsW and PvP:
    “This is either a case of Dan remembering things wrong or me being unclear. Probably a bit of both .

    The conversation we were having was about structured PvP and the hot joinable nature of PvP servers. For those that have played in this kind of a setup in an FPS game you know that there are times when you want to be on the same team as your friends but have to be on opposite sides for a short period of time due to the game making sure teams are even. That can be a downside for some but it also comes with the tremendous upside of eliminating queuing to get into a match and is also a lot more friendly for casual play. For those who really only want to play with their friends (and never against them) we have tournament play.

    WvW is open at all times to everybody and you can certainly join with a group of friends if you wish. Hope this helps clear things up a bit. “

  8. Sebastian

    hi xoiea,
    Rubi is best to find first at 1:09 where she looks a bit bored, leaning at the wall ๐Ÿ˜€ but then you can take a look at her nice top and so it’s easier to watch her in the croud at 0:56, 1:35 and 1:47. Thank you for posting the link to this interesting video. Did i won a Rubi and Shawn Fan day now? Or maybe an autograph jpg? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I realy like your podcast very much more and more with each new episode. Wish there could be something similar here in Germany. The one screeming guy is Debussy from wartower but i didn’t found a travelog yet.
    kindest regards, “Kay Oz”

  9. I got a tech question. Do you guys use Callburner to record the show?

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