GuildCast/Enjin guild site contest

As we mentioned on the last podcast, we’ve teamed up with the folks at Enjin to offer you the chance to win one of two guild website packages. These are their highest-tier guild site packages, including either 1 year of Ultimate or 1 year of Premium to two lucky winners. Feel like your guild site could use an overhaul? Keep readin’!

Enjin has some really amazing tools, and I know first-hand because it’s what we use for Massively’s forums. There are message boards, a chat room, a mumble server, full member control, game and character integration, and much more — all in a highly customizable interface.

To enter the contest, simply send an email to with the subject line “Enjin Guild Contest”. In that email, I want you to describe your current Guild Wars guild (guild leaders or guild officers only, please), including what the guild stands for, how it was created, and any other interesting stories you feel set the guild apart. Feel free to be funny, dramatic, or whatever else you can do to let everyone know how special your guild is to you. Also, we want to hear about how you plan to transition the guild to Guild Wars 2. Any special plans to keep the members together? Will you incorporate the timeline into the story of the transitioned guild?

And to top it all off, we want a picture of your guild members together. We want to see something showing the fun you all have together, whether it’s in the heat of battle, or just posing in the guild hall.

Note that there’s no limit to the age of a guild to be eligible, but we want to see at least 5 members in the screenshot.

The deadline to get your info in is July 25th, 2011. From there, Rubi and I will pick the winners and announce them on the following podcast. First place will win 1 year of the Ultimate guild site package, and 2nd place will win 1 year of the Premium guild site package.

Best of luck to all!


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One response to “GuildCast/Enjin guild site contest

  1. Ken

    Awesome looking contest and good luck to all people whom are entering! 🙂

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