Guild Wars 2 — ANet studio tour!

It’s nearly time to go experience more Guild Wars 2 (!!!), but I didn’t want to make you guys wait for this album.  Please pardon the occasional blurriness — there was a lot of jostling for position among the media crew, but I got some pretty good ones.  Highlights:

  • The team was extremely generous.  They actually encouraged us to walk around each development area and look at everything.
  • The art on the walls.  Wow!
  • The Orrian creature I discovered.  You’ll know the one I mean, I took a lot of pictures because he fascinated me.  I mean, come on.  His torso is a giant, roaring maw!
  • The Sylvari dungeon environment I watched being tweaked.
  • The snack dispensers, of course!

Enjoy these, and I will bring you all more soon!



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5 responses to “Guild Wars 2 — ANet studio tour!

  1. Norub Harvaloc

    Those shirts on the wall… Do they mean anything? Are they teasing us??

  2. I want those snack dispensers beside my computer 😀

  3. Kairo

    All this info is so awesome…I’m feeling overwhelmed lol. So who exactly was invited to this GW2 fanday? I didn’t hear anything about it until it was happening, so just wondering 🙂 Thanks for keeping all of us giddy fans at home updated with pics and info, Rubi!

    • Kairo

      nevermind, I believe I just read somewhere that it was a press open house, which would explain why you’re there having all the fun! 🙂 soo lucky, enjoy!

  4. alright,, woohooo Mesmer!!!!!

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