Episode 45

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Finally! A new episode of Guildcast! And with it, the seventh profession reveal comes with the explosive Engineer. We talk all about our impressions of the Engineer, as well as info from a recent investor call by NCsoft. No, the closed beta info isn’t new, but it’s worth mentioning again!

The GuildCast theme song is β€œThe Dirt” by Goddessmusic.

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email over to shawn@guildcast.com or rubi@guildcast.com. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening!



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16 responses to “Episode 45

  1. xoiea

    Woot!!! new episode Yey!!

    Shawn looks like Mesmer really is going to be revealed last, nice call on that one (sarcasm)

    • xoiea

      listening further into the episode and Shawn describing the Engineer, I finally realize the class of the Asura that joined Dougal’s party on Ghost of Ascalon book, and the bomb he use later in the book. it’s all clear now. i think?

  2. Greibach

    Hahaha, yeah I played GW in college too. I would usually do farming because I basically didn’t have to spend any attention on farming, so I could do it at the same time. Made 100’s of plat farming greens in class XD

  3. ArcherAvatar

    Quick point of clarification;

    The “kits/backpacks” can be equipped in the dedicated healing slot and the 3 utility slots on the RIGHT side of the hotbar… activating them (eg; hitting 6,7,8,or 9) causes them to swap out the 5 skills on the LEFT side of your hotbar (in the same manner as if you swap weapons, or picked up an environmental weapon.)

    So, you have selected a Grenade Kit (from among the Backpack kits you have to choose from) for example… this automatically places an icon associated with the Grenade Kit on one of the 4 Tool Belt slots for you, and when you activate the hotkey associated with the Grenade kit on the RIGHT side of your hotbar, then all 5 of the skills on the LEFT side of your hotbar change over from your weapon to the grenade list of skills… you can then make use of those grenade skills, as well as the 6th skill associated with grenades up on your Tool Belt, for as long as you’d like to, until you switch your LEFT side skills back to your weapon, or to yet another set of skills from a different Backpack Kit.

    Importantly, the 6th skills associated with the Backpack Kit you’ve chosen which is up on your Tool Belt can be used *regardless* of whether or not you have that particular Backpack Kit currently selected for use on the LEFT side of your hotbar. So, for example; Say you selected a Mine Kit from among the Backpack Kits you can choose from. That automatically puts an icon on the Tool Belt for you (1 of 4 there.) You then activate the Mine Kit (switching your LEFT side hotkeys over to those skills from your weapon’s skills) and proceed to lay some mines of various types around the vicinity… you then switch back to your weapon’s skills and begin shooting things… while shooting things, enough targets approach to warrant it, so *while you still have your weapon’s skills selected and active* (without having to switch back the Mine Kit skills) you decide to use the Tool Belt skill for the Mine Kit (which detonates all currently active mines all at once) and BOOM!!!!

    (I’m sorry if I’m over explaining this or sounding patronizing… it’s unintended if so, I assure you… I’m a little loopy from drugs I have to take for my heart right now, and it’s causing me to have to really focus… hopefully this information came across at least a little bit intelligible.)

  4. ArcherAvatar

    Further clarification; only one TYPE of turret out at one time… eg; one Rifle Turret, and one Thumper Turret, and one Healing Turret (provided you have selected that many turret skills as opposed to Backpack Kits and other options that swap out all 5 skills on the left side of the hotbar.)

    We are talking about *serious* point defense skillz here. You could have up to 4 turrets up and active at one time (one from the healing slot, and three from the utility slots) However, doing so would prevent you from taking advantage of any Backpack Kits.

    I could see someone doing 2 turrets and a Flamethrower Kit on the 3 utility slots and shouting, “You… shall not… pass!”

  5. ArcherAvatar

    Asura Engineer… yep, that is going to happen!

  6. Now we just the the Mesmerist – Cause I still want a Ritualist in there!

  7. Mattastrophic

    I admit, I really hope that the Engineer is not good enough at party healing that GW2 falls into the Holy Trinity Trap that ANet has been wanting to avoid, in the form of, say, Guardian/Elementalist/Engineer. It can happen even if ANet does not intend it to, due to player behavior. Someone’s got to be the dedicated healer, right?


    • Griautis

      @Mattastrophic I think you’re wrong. If one player can get a maximum of 2 party heals (which would be weaker than self heals anyway) than it’s impsoible to dedicate someone to healing, sicne hten, the whole party not only lacks healing, but also the |healer”just stands around doing nothing, while waiting for heal CDs…. πŸ™‚ So I think we’re pretty safe to say, no dedicated healers πŸ˜› However support characters may happen who specialize in buffing some healing πŸ™‚ But that wn’t be enought πŸ˜‰

      • Mattastrophic

        That’s the thing; players are players, no matter what ANet intends to happen. If the players find that a Holy Trinity style of grouping is what goes through content most efficiently, then that’s what the players will impose on the game.

        I do hope it does not happen.


      • Clouded Visions

        This is actually a reply to the post below but for some reason I have no option to do that o.o
        Anyway, if it does become the meta that players form a “holy trinty style group” from experiance it wont take long for anet to impose nerfs to draw people away from this style of play.

  8. ShaunNox

    I mentioned GuildCast in my video here: http://conjurephantasm.com/2011/05/23/lets-talk/

    I’m looking for someone to talk GW2 with for a podcast. If there’s anyone here interested, please head on over.

    Thanks Shawn & Rubi for allowing this comment and helping me find someone.

  9. KnitterGirl39

    I have a question and don’t know if it has already been answered or not (I’m only on Episode 27, sorry).
    In GW we have a primary and a secondary profession. Will we be able to have a secondary profession in GW 2?

    • ArcherAvatar

      Sorry KnitterGirl39… the answer is mostly no…

      There won’t be secondary professions in GW2, but they are somewhat replaced by Racial abilities (each of the 5 races have certain skills associated with them) and there is also a “Traits” facet to the character advancement that modifies skills and looks very interesting based on what little we’ve seen of it so far.

  10. KnitterGirl39

    oh, ok, thanks for replying to my question. πŸ™‚
    I am so excited for this game to come out!

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