Episode 38

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Welcome to another episode of Guildcast!  We had plenty to talk about this week — Norn week was first and foremost, of course.  PAX East is looming dead ahead, and ArenaNet has big plans, so we covered that too!  One of our normal random tangents took us down memory lane to Guildcast Theatre, where Togo’s a noob, the ritualists are scantily-clad, and nobody packed a res.  Check it out!  Finally, we delved into the email pile and covered some great topics, including the question on the varying races’ age spans.

We’re off to GDC tomorrow, so there won’t be a show next week.  If you miss us too much, we’ll have a brand new Massively Speaking Wednesday.  Otherwise, we’ll see you in two weeks!

The GuildCast theme song is “The Dirt” by Goddessmusic.

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email over to shawn@guildcast.com or rubi@guildcast.com. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening!



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7 responses to “Episode 38

  1. Mattastrophic

    Is it just me, or were the contents of that Mesmer “reveal” email broken six months ago? Same with the bit about Mesmer lovers finding a home?

    Perhaps, for a future podcast, the topic could be pulling [b]all[/b] of the known info about the Mesmer, assembling it, and making conclusions with all the data in front of us.


  2. Hey great show as always. Would have love to take a look at the email and take a peak at the pictures Yo was comparing.

  3. Greibach

    Great show, as always. I just wanted to comment on the (unrevealed) profession speculation. I think that those 5 concept arts we got from GDC a year ago are pretty much irrefutable. There is no truly 100% confirmation, but to deny the artistic similarity of those 5 pictures and the currently released backgrounds for the revealed professions is just plain obstinate.

    The original GDC pictures depicted a Ranger, Warrior, Guardian, (Rogue), and (Mesmer). Once the Elementalist picture was released that looked very similar, and then the Ranger, Warrior and Guardian came out with either 100% or 95% similarity to the original 5, I can’t see how anyone would argue with the remaining two being unreleased professions.

    What really got all of this in a tissy was that article from Eurogamer that basically just took two very vague quotes and made interpretations. News Flash! PR is intentionally vague until something has been officially revealed. They will always say that they can’t say more. They make statements like “People that like X playstyle will be happy. We can’t say more than that.” That doesn’t mean there won’t be a mesmer, though it might mean that a mesmer might be very similar in playstyle but not implementation (because the system is completely different).

    To further add to the speculation on mesmer, they said that of the 4 remaining professions (before the guardian came out), at least one will be an old class returning, at least one will be similar to an old class but reworked, and at least one will be brand new. We have the guardian now since that quote, but that certainly isn’t the returning class. This leaves us with 2 concept art classes, and one in a mystery (the oft-assumed gunner/engineer/artificer), and we know that at least one of those three will be returning from GW1. Now, assassin could be returning, but I have a feeling that they will have made it more generic (something like a rogue), so it will fill the slot of similar but revamped and renamed. Out of the other classes from GW1 that have NOT returned, we have Paragon, Dervish, Ritualist, Mesmer, Assassin, and Monk. For obvious reasons, I think that monk and assassin are out (because of guardian and the aforementioned “rogue”). Paragons are heavy armor, so they are out. Dervish doesn’t fit into the new multi-racial system with all of their different beliefs, not to mention the lack of scythes as a weapon (because they officially listed all the weapons long ago). That leaves us with Ritualist and Mesmer for returning, and given the concept art of the purple lady, I can’t see how that is anything other than a Mesmer.

    Okay, that was a lot to say on that, but it just seems to me that if you have been following closely, it is hard to argue with all of the evidence we have.

    Oh, one more thing about the voices (but not the quality per se)- I think that a lot of these clips are of one person of the race of the week speaking to a member of another race. That is why some of the actors sound the same- I feel that they may be because say that one female voice that sounds the same is a human, whereas the deeper voices are the norn. The British accent would be sylvari.

  4. Greibach

    Lolz Thief reveal early =P
    Pretty much backs up exactly what I was saying. Thief is something that draws inspiration from GW1 but has a different name. So now we have 2 classes left, and our returning profession with the same name hasn’t been announced (and was heavily name-dropped in the book).

    Grats for getting to play at GDC guys!

  5. x-baby

    OMG!! Thief… and with i bid adieu

  6. Lysdea Tukagon

    Just wanted to let you know that the downloads for the old episodes aren’t working. You only get a really small file that doesn’t do anything…

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