Episode 36

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In this episode of Guildcast, we’re all about Guild Wars 2 human week.  All of the new details on the ArenaNet blog and the human page of the GW2 site gave us plenty to talk about.  Join us for discussion on the voice acting, character art, lore and more.  We wrap up by making a small dent in the giant pile of listener emails, including one praising Rubi’s Road to 50 series. We love hearing from you guys, so keep ’em coming!

The GuildCast theme song is “The Dirt” by Goddessmusic.

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email over to shawn@guildcast.com or rubi@guildcast.com. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening!



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12 responses to “Episode 36

  1. Mr Flamer

    Could you drop a link for Rubi’s road to 50 points?

  2. Mr Flamer

    oh and you guys rock!!!, mesmer rocks! and im going back to reading work emails now -_-

  3. Greibach

    Yes, the reason that often the left arm is less armored is because of the shield. This is both for the ability to not have your armor as in the way of the back of the shield, and for mobility. You will notice that often there is an accompanying shoulder piece that guards the neck on the right arm, whereas the left is bare at the shoulder (or very streamlined). Bulky shoulders and neck guards restrict the movement of your arm into an upward position (think raising your elbow up to neck-height to block a blow, and pay attention to what your shoulder is doing). You don’t really need that angle as much to attack, but you do in order to defend the upper parts of your body.

  4. Falkin

    Yes shawn you should beep that out…….


  5. Regarding the difference in voice acting between The Races of Tyria and the new clips, my thoughts are that the trailer voicework sounds more epic/less colloquial because the characters are giving, well, statements of purpose, if you will. The characters in the clips are just shooting the breeze with friends.

    Ask me to sum up what I do for a living and my thoughts on world affairs in 250 words or less, and I’ll sound different than I do when I call my girlfriends, too :). At least that’s my take on it.

  6. Sai

    I quite enjoy what they are doing with the speech patterns, it’s not the medieval english that you typically hear in a standard fantasy setting. Seeing as how Anet is diverting a lot of things from the traditional fantasy MMOG, I would never imagine they would go to that extent. It’s a breath of fresh air. Makes me wonder what else they have done that you wouldn’t expect in a traditional fantasy.

  7. Dancer

    About the voice acting sounding too modern:
    Please reread the section “Now with Less Forsooth!” from
    “To match the new setting, we’re cutting back on the stereotypical ye olde English speak in favor of tighter dialogue in active voice, because “…most people don’t identify with characters who speak in archaic expressions and passive language.”most people don’t identify with characters who speak in archaic expressions and passive language.”
    “Judging from our internal tests this is absolutely the right direction for our game, and one that won’t alienate old fans or newcomers to the series.”

  8. ArcherAvatar

    “… picking the right nose…” – Shawn while discussing customization.

    Ya… still laughing…

    I’m sympathetic to the emotional reaction Rubi had towards the sound bites, but I have to disagree. (Personally, I enjoyed the sound clips quite a bit, especially the ones with the kiddos…”I … regret… nothing…” – priceless!) I’ve had expectations about various aspects of a game that simply were not met with past titles, and it can be difficult to explain or describe such reactions to others… I would just like to offer this defense of the sound clips to Rubi; you’ve played GW for qutie some time, and developed expectations based on that long experience… this, however, is not GW… not an expansion, or patch… (I know… preaching to the choir…) while they are basing GW2 in the same world/lore this is in fact a completely different game… There can be no doubt that the DEVs will make every effort to accomodate their loyal fan base from GW, but they are also trying very hard to reach beyond that to a larger MMO market as well, and that means making GW2 accessible to that larger market of players… I have no doubt that the design decisions made regarding the sound clips have a great deal to do with that “accessibility.” Hopefully, fans of the original game won’t hold this against them.

    I’m actually more than a little bit concerned about the reaction loyal GW fans will have once they get their hands on GW2 for this very reason… it’s going to be a VERY different game in a large number of ways. Anyone counting on “same but improved” could likely be setting themselves up for disappointment.

    Great cast once again folks!

  9. Wyldlock

    I think calling the kid clip out for being too meta is a bit unfair. If we assume that we the players are an active part of the GW world, ‘pew pew’ is as valid a sound effect as any other for kids to be making, since the adults 250 years before were making it all the time. 😛

  10. Forta G.

    I completely agree with you on the sound clips, Rubi!
    But everytime I give my opinion on that in the community I get boo’ed out. How can it be that asking for a little bit more authenticity in a Fantasy RPG makes me the enemy? Why do we need constant pop culture references left and right? I just don’t like Ray-Bans, Youtube memes and laser gun references in a medieval fantasy world, call me crazy.

    • Mattastrophic

      Hear, hear. One of my peeves about GW1 is the overabundance of pop culture references; they only serve to [i]break immersion,[/i] while providing for an easier job for a content writer. It’s nice to see that I am not alone with gaming’s trend towards un-immersive writing.


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