Episode 34

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This week’s episode of Guildcast is all guardian, all the time!  Okay, that’s not strictly true, because we started with some chat about Massively Overpowered and the Guild Wars Livestreaming events on Massively.  We also addressed Shawn’s mesmer fixation by talking about an awesome thread on GuildWars2guru devoted to the GW2 mesmer.  Don’t worry, though, we still had plenty of time to talk in depth about the guardian, and we can’t wait to hear what you think! 

Finally, we delved into our email pile, and are gearing up for the roundtable episode next week.  It’s going to be a great show — we’ll see you then!

The GuildCast theme song is “The Dirt” by Goddessmusic.

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email over to shawn@guildcast.com or rubi@guildcast.com. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening!



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15 responses to “Episode 34

  1. Riplox

    I think we need to get Rubi used to playing melee. I guarantee her that she’ll have a blast once she gets used to ripping apart enemies up close and personal. But hopefully when she plays her guardian character, she’ll love it.

  2. TigerDragon

    I see this as a mix of monk, ritualist, and paragon. The “paragon” features are the heavy armor and group support features (next attack sets everyone on fire? oh, hello again anthem of flame) The “ritualist” features are a kind of combination between the summoned spirits and weapon enchantments. Summoned spirit weapons seem to behave like “spirits” until their special feature is activated, which seems to be like the weapon enchants that do something “on the next attack.” And the monk similarities are the most obvious, of course.

    I think the next reveal will either be mesmer or rogue/assassin/stealth monkey. The “unknown” I think is probably something like an engineer/gunner class. I can picture a rifle toting medium armor “soldier” that can set up heavy cannons at fixed locations to use like the turrets in the PAX preview.

    Of course, I’m probably just daydreaming 🙂

  3. Greibach

    Good podcast. I found it interesting that you were pointing out that the Guardian has no “ranged weapon”. I believe that the quote you were referring to about every profession having a ranged weapon was actually that they all had a ranged *option*. Only 2/5 professions so far have actual ranged *weapons* (warrior and ranger), the other 3 have caster weapons (Scepter, Staff, Focus). They do all however have ranged options in the form of spells or weapons. I actually really like that the Guardian has all of the “caster” weapons as well as the melee weapons. All implement-based guardians are pretty sweet in concept to me (smiter/prot monk style?)

    Now to my thoughts on the actual class. I actually feel the same way towards Guardians as Rubi feels towards Warriors. I’m pretty ‘meh’ on them, and likely won’t play one for a long time. That is not to say that I think they are bad, but the origins and goals I see for them are simply not my strong suits. I feel that they have a lot of roots in the Protection Monk line; heck they even have some of the same spell names. That said, I certainly recognize that they are not the same, and I don’t want to call them a monk ‘replacement’, but more of a monk evolution. The thing is though, I was never really any good at being a proactive supporter (as I feel the guardian is), and I was especially not a good prot monk. The class just feels like it won’t play to my strong suits or preferences, but I can clearly see that it will to many players, so that is great in my books. Not everything needs to be catered to me 😉

    Aesthetically speaking, I really love them. I like the look, I like that they can use both caster and melee weapons, and I love the skill animations. Mechanically speaking, their virtue effects seem somewhat lackluster in their party-wide forms (block one attack with a 2 minute cooldown seems too extreme), but at the same time, if they were too good, we would end up with the perma “LF Guardian” scenario, which I would prefer to avoid. I agree that, like the assassin, they will be hard to master and will get a lot of noobs killed a lot of times (“LOL I R TANK!!1”). It will be interesting to see the power and recharge of the wards; I can see them being extremely good in PvP given that they would be one of the only hard physical blocks to players (since there is no body blocking).

    Just my 2 cents… actually that was probably more than 2 cents…

  4. Norub Harvaloc

    To me Guardian resembles the old school D&D Clerics.

    And since my old D&D character was a Cleric… wink wink 😉

  5. IngeKy

    I have to say that the Guardian, is mostly in fact, is the Monk replacement falling under the protection prayers line. It was even said on twitter, this class is supposed to cater to the people who like protecting and helping people – which was the Monk in Guild Wars 1. I will agree that it has some Ritualist aspects.

    I don’t understand how the Paragon is anything like the Guardian. The Paragon uses shouts, chants, and adrenaline – like the Warrior.

    Just my two cents.

    • TigerDragon

      It’s not the lore based mechanics of the paragon, but rather the end result mechanics. Group wide support for people close to the guardian seem to have similar aspects of paragon shouts and chants.

  6. Can you tell from my email that I’m going to play an asura? She is totally going to be a guardian with guardian secondary. My favorite profs from GW1 were mesmer, rit, and monk in that order. The guardian gives me 2/3. Up until now I thought my main would be a human mesmer, basically a redo of my GW1 char. Now she’s been bumped to #2 (I can keep a secret from a mesmer, right? Great!).

    Shawn’s description of the guardian changing roles on the fly made me super excited for it. That is absolutely the kind of challenge I want in a game.

    In planning which characters I want to make, the hard decision has been what not to play in my first 5. So far the ones I’m HO HUM about are war, ranger, rogue, and ele. Straight-up damage for me is just so crude. I prefer support and control. Looking forward eagerly to the so-called engineer class. Mesmer’s a shoe-in, but Rubi’s right that it will be #8.

    Let me say that this podcast was the best analysis of the guardian I have heard or read yet. You two are fine fine folks.

  7. Wyldlock

    I just wanted to observe an innaccuracy, Rubi said that the guardian is the only class with no ‘ranged in hand’ weapon, but the Elementalist weapons are also not ‘ranged in hand’ weapons. The shield of absorption video shows him making repeated ranged attacks with the scepter. While they’re not at a VERY long range, it seems likely that that autoattack with staff might be a truly long range attack.

  8. ChrisCo

    After hearing the ideas about the Guardian i totally agree that the guardian is the results of mixing all the “lost” professions.

    Dervish = Frontline aspect
    Rit = Spirit Weapon
    Para = Symbols
    Monk = Heal/Prot

    And there it is … the profs that aren’t coming back for gw2 are all now in the guardian.

  9. Lord of Whispers

    Hopefully, the one truly unknown profession will not be engineer. I think it won’t, as some races have no magical or mechanical constructs. If it is not that, I am hoping for something truly unique for the final unknown profession…

  10. Mattastrophic

    Perhaps for next week’s podcast… Shawn and Rubi go over everything we know about the Mesmer in GW2?


    • Mattastrophic

      That reminds me… an interesting point of discussion would be weighing the Mesmer as an Adventurer vs. the Mesmer as a Scholar.


  11. BillMcD

    Please please PLEASE get a different headset. The one you used for this episode sounds airy and your S’s come out blazing hot, my ears started hurting 2 minutes in.

    also, wtb that engineering type class still (NOT A GOLEMANCER please, unless thats an asura special or something)

    • shawnguildcast

      Headset has been ordered! Hopefully it will be here next week, although probably not in time for the roundtable show 😦

  12. xoiea

    hey guys

    I went back and watch the Manifesto and 2 :00 minutes in they started showing in the background the concept art for each classes, showing in order Guardian, Necro, Warrior and this dude http://bit.ly/gegBen . I know you guys already talked about it somehow somewhere in your podcast. but I would really appreciate the idea you had about this guy. Thanks

    and first time listener and love the show. also this may shock just recently bought the Trilogy and currently playing, and to top it all off, also bought the 2 books GOA and EOD. im that sad 🙂

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