Episode 31

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This week on Guildcast, Shawn and Rubi recap the ArenaNet Retrospective video and have a conversation all about Edge of Destiny.  Haven’t read it?  That’s okay, we keep it spoiler-free here, so come one and come all.  If you’ve read it already or are dying for spoilers, check out the recap and review of the book on Massively.

Next up, email!  Our listeners had some great points of discussion on how the current economy affects ArenaNet and game studios in general, the standard class speculation — including a recent Hunter’s Insight post, and more talk of Edge of Destiny.

The GuildCast theme song is “The Dirt” by Goddessmusic.

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email over to shawn@guildcast.com or rubi@guildcast.com. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening!



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4 responses to “Episode 31

  1. Many European fans like myself are avoiding forums, blogs and podcasts like the plague, cursing the publishers for messing up again with the release of The Edge of Destiny. We shall return 🙂

  2. X Chaotic God X

    If you search Skippy it still redirects to The Ebon Vanguard Assassin on both wikis

  3. X Chaotic God X

    There is a page before the prolouge in edge of destiny that is a battle between logan and rytlock. It says that a blue arua bled from Logan’s finger tips and turned into a wall. It sounds like to me that logan is the blue mace Profession.

  4. Kityn

    I always enjoy your broadcasts.

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