Episode 22

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We have a short show this week for a relatively quiet news period. But we do manage to clarify a few points on the Hall of Monuments, read some stray emails and go on and on about the insanely inflated prices of mini pets and precious gems.

We also need more intros! Pimp your guild, get your character name out there. We want to hear it!

The GuildCast theme song is “The Dirt” by Goddessmusic.

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email over to shawn@guildcast.com or rubi@guildcast.com. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening!



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12 responses to “Episode 22

  1. BarGamer

    Like the GW2 page on Facebook to get “something special!” We’re almost at 100K fans!


  2. TigerDragon

    I think Mesmer will be the next announcement, and here’s why…

    I think Mesmer is the definite “returning with same name” class, and I think they want to keep giving us the classes we already know and love just to keep the other classes a secrete longer (to tease us.)

  3. Greibach

    Of the FOUR (hehe, not 5 as people seem to keep saying) remaining unrevealed professions, my thoughts are-
    1- Rogue/Thief (Assassin back with a rename and twist)
    2- Mesmer (back in full glory baby!)
    3- Blue Mace Lady- My guess is something that plays mechanically similar to a dervish- mixes melee and some magic for buffs (offensive or defensive builds available)
    4- Some kind of Engineer/Tinkerer. They could have some form of constructs available (in the form of “pets”), would use the guns, and possibly some forms of static area buffs.

    I am pretty sure about the first 3, number 4 is total speculation though =)

  4. Falkin

    I think this episode is missing on the iTunes feed… anywho my iTunes can’t find it

  5. Xenoc Canthan

    I’m also have issues with the itunes feed… Shawn, If you have a moment to take a look I’d appreciate it.

    • shawnguildcast

      My webhost for the itunes feed has a max quota per month and I maxed it this month with all the shows we did 😦 I will probably upgrade the quota after payday (next week). Until then, it’s available here on the site. Sorry about that!

  6. Kilo

    Oh… that explains it. I’m having the same problem with my zune feed, I guess!

  7. FalknerBlitz

    For the send in emails can we also put them in the comments? If we can do you have a preference or do both work for you?

    • shawnguildcast

      If you want them read on the show, email is best. We don’t read the comments on the show because anyone can come to the site and read them.

  8. This episode should be in the itunes feed now. I went ahead and upgraded my Libsyn account. Sorry about that delay!

  9. arthur1977

    Hey Everyone, with the announcement of the HoM I am thinking of getting into GW. I have a copy of Prophecies but am thinking of picking up the Trilogy. I am just looking for a little advice on where should I start, right at the beginning (Prophecies) or Nightfall (Heroes)? Also what is a solid class to begin with, I have an old W/M at level 12 but am thinking of starting new.

    All the best and thanks for any help.

  10. Deadman

    Just want to say you guys ROCK,, awesome show . keep up the greatness

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