Episode 20

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Welcome to episode 20 of Guildcast, all about Minecraft!  No, not really, although Rubi harps on it a LOT.

More importantly, we talked about Eric Flannum and John Hargrove’s newest ArenaNet blog post in which they clarify all sorts of things about armor, crafting, and the fast-becoming-ubiquitous Transmutation Stones.  We got almost 50 emails in the last week, and we read as many as we can in the time we have.

We’ll see you next week for the mesmer reveal! (Okay, that’s just more of Shawn’s wishful thinking, but we can dream!)

Of course, mere hours after we recorded this, we get word about the Hall of Monuments update, so we’ll probably be recording another bonus show this weekend to talk about that. We’ll tackle a few more emails, as well.

Also, we need more intros! Pimp your guild, get your character name out there. We want to hear it!

The GuildCast theme song is “The Dirt” by Goddessmusic.

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email over to shawn@guildcast.com or rubi@guildcast.com. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening!



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9 responses to “Episode 20

  1. Bwuaha, I was wondering if you guys would have caught the HoM info in time.

    Guess not xD

  2. Timid Nightingale

    Might just be my internet messing around…. but i can’t find any information in the mp3 file… (it’s only 5kb)

  3. Oksha Amri

    Hey guys…I complain about MECHANICS

    no but seriously…I know this is an unrelated post but I was watching a commercial for iphone 4 and came across something that sparked my interest.

    about 17 seconds in we see a bit of footage that looks all too familiar. Anyways that’s just what I think… thought it would be interesting for everyone else

    as for transmutation stones…I sum it up as
    “guild wars 2’s business model will look very similar to what we see in other f2ps…that’s probably what people are unhappy about”…but guys if you don’t like it…stick to GW and play GW2 every now and then…we’ll always have both. I don’t care…I’m still in high school but I’m working for mediocre pay…enough to pay for any of these micro transactions…I think we should be happy there’s no sub.

  4. Please don’t repeat “tranny stones” when someone writes that in an email.

    A thought on the 7 heroes thing: it may only apply to the upcoming Cantha content. I’m hoping it’s universal (and that they add 4 necro heroes (joke!)).

    Great work, Host A and Host 1!

  5. Seeing as plenty people run with a 7 hero/hench party I really can’t see why 7 heroes is any different in essence other than it would be more efficient 🙂

  6. Sorry if I am appearing in my Sir Spamalot guise, just spotted a reward on the HoM rewards calculator thingy. A Baroque Mask – an elegant harlequin mask, surely that’s a Mesmer item 😀

  7. Countess Minuet

    New hero from Guild Wars Beyond?

    Mursaat Hero!

    Okay, maybe not. How about White Mantle Hero? I’d like to see a Naga hero as suggested by another listener.

  8. chiuna

    Wow, I didn’t expect so much attention! And there is certainly no need to apologize for disagreeing with me, I was expecting you would 🙂

    I’ll admit that the transmutation stone system may not be as hard to use as I imagined. I should have faith that Anet will make it as user-friendly as possible. And I expect to buy character slots/extra accounts if the available storage isn’t enough. So I guess I shouldn’t complain about inventory issues so much, it is just the kind of thing I think about 🙂 I also didn’t mean that armor should automatically update with level, more that I’d like it if we could pay to upgrade it instead of combining, and that type of system could dictate what it would upgrade to. I’m sure there are people who think the announced system is better since it allows for other stat changes besides just Armor Level and I can understand that even if I personally don’t agree.

    In reply to Rubi, I must say that while I do have weapon sets for swapping out differently modded weapons during runs, I also often change the mods on main weapons to adapt to the situation. Sure, “PvE is easy” and I could go with no weapon and probably survive, but I feel better knowing I prepared. So things like region-appropriate shield mods for my tormented shield I change out rather than keep a set of differently modded shields. I imagine if I get a rare skin I like in GW2 I would want to do the same. In other situations, like soloing parts of FoW, I do find it useful to have different apperances for differently modded shields, but most of the time I tend to try to ‘perfect’ a look and stick with it. At least until I see new armor I must have 🙂 Maybe I’m the only one who frequently mods their weapons, but I can see situations where people who are proud of a certain skin they got might like to re-mod it instead of swap.

    Which reminds me, I totally cringed when I heard Rubi talking about my armor. Even then I felt silly pairing FoW and Chaos Gauntlets (seems like a bit much, right?) but I hadn’t decided what to go with yet and I was still loving the novelty of the glowy hands. Soon after I switched to non-elite kurzick armor with them (dyed to match the blindfold, since the bandana didn’t work with that set) and I think it is much prettier 😉

    One final thing to the mesmer who wrote in talking about wanting to do UW and other areas with 7 hero teams. If you’re reading this, you are welcome to borrow my heroes for areas. I have found that using 3 heroes in ‘henchman’ mode is fine for doing UW. (http://tinypic.com/r/261p6d0/7) If you want I could give you advice on builds and where to flag them for quests too.

    I haven’t tried FoW but it would be even easier I’m sure since it has no splitting and the guys there can’t remove hexes. So I would say if you want to do these sorts of things with heroes, don’t let the current lack of 7 stop you. If you set them up well, 6 heroes can get you through a lot. And they don’t mind waiting around while you afk 🙂

  9. Mirkwood

    Hi guys, just listened to the cast, and I have a quick comment about the first armor set you guys mentioned when were talking about crafting – that’s definitely a necro set. When ANet revealed the necro class, one of the wallpapers they released with the reveal shows a male necromancer casting (or standing in toxic sludge, I can’t tell) in that armor.

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