Episode 16

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Sorry we’re late, but there were travel arrangements to be made, houses to remodel, and cool new phones to purchase.

This week we bring you a special recorded-late-at-night-and-we’re-sleepy edition of GuildCast.  We take a closer look at the necro’s skills and abilities, then it’s off to the email inbox!  We covered more class speculation, Rubi’s strategy for the PAX demos, and the not-so-good stuff about what we’ve seen so far.  That’s right, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows — double or otherwise.  Finally, we’re treated to a short wrapup of Gamescom from longtime GuildCast listener Chiuna.  She was fortunate enough to attend Gamescom and play the demo, and she sent us her impressions, so listen for that at the end.

Next week is PAX and Dragon*Con, so you’ll be without us for just a bit longer.  We’ll make it worth the wait with all sorts of stories from our travels afterwards, though.  Got something you are just dying to see in the GW2 demo at PAX?  Rubi’s taking requests, so send in those emails and she’ll add it to her list of things to look for!

The GuildCast theme song is “The Dirt” by Goddessmusic.

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email over to shawn@guildcast.com or rubi@guildcast.com. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening!



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17 responses to “Episode 16

  1. Ichimaru

    Yo! I’ve got a request you should be able to check very quickly: What are the naming restrictions? That is, can you still use spaces in your name? (Please, please, please ArenaNet keep support for firstname-lastname)

  2. RUBI!

    Get the iPhone PAX app! 🙂

  3. Louden

    Chiuna FTW!!!

  4. Kityn

    I have heard from 2 different interviews 2 different answers to the question ‘will there be an open beta?’
    Rubi if possible could you clear this up with a Dev at PAX when you are there?

    • I asked Colin, he basically said “Nothing is set, we just don’t know the details of open OR closed beta, so I have nothing to tell you.”

      He was really really nice about it, but just had noting concrete. I just think they don’t know for sure yet, and you know ANet. Nothing is going to be shown or told until it’s definite.

  5. Sunny

    make a female ele and take off all the armor.

  6. CrimsonShadows

    It’s not twelve hours between 1 and level 47.

    What Colin meant was that despite the fact that they are only letting people play the demo for 40 minutes. They had actually developed 12 hours of content between the two DEMOS (Level 1 Human and Level 47 Charr)

    There is no way you can go from level 1 to 47 in 12 hours in any MMO, no matter how hardcore you are.

  7. csquirrelrun

    I was going to say that too, thought I’d heard somewhere else that at the moment, roughly, it takes 1.5 hours per level. Don’t know whether that was average and it was suggested that there is a slight curve so I’m thinking if its 1.5hrs between lvl1 and 2 then it’s likely it will be more like 2 or 3hrs between lvl79 & 80.

    Wish I had the link, sorry.

  8. I suppose rate of leveling for most of us will depend on how much there is to do outside the storyline and personal story, exploration, mini-games and so on.
    Would be good to have pubs dotted around Tyria, just to rest a while, have a good chat over a pint (or two) of the local beer) 🙂

  9. Andy

    Hi Rubi, could you check something at Pax for me? How will the attribute points be assigned? Will there be +int or +wis or +str that you add points to each level or will it be automatic depending on class, or anything like that at all?

    • PlasticBlue

      At GamesCon, it looked a bit like in single player RPGs, with the possibility to add to int, wis, str, dex, etc. In the demo you couldn’t rearrange them but according to Eric Flannum, with which we had a short chat at the con, they will be arrangeable outside of combat.
      They did highlight attributes that were more useful for your class, but that could have been for the demo as well.

  10. XXX

    the 12 hours of gameplay i think was meant for the demo itself
    as in if you sat down there is about 12 hours of content in the demo not between level 1-40
    i think this may be a case of misunderstanding what was said

  11. darksoul

    i love this podcast i love the chemistry between rubi and shawn and i hope that they’ll keep the curses spells because we’ve only really seen blood and death and curses was the most powerful most effective and the most fun of all the attributes

  12. ben

    Thought there was a link to the music in the show notes or something.

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