Episode 12

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Today’s Guildcast episode is brought to you by the numbers 8 and 0, thanks to the newly-announced level cap of 80.  ArenaNet surprised fans late last night with a blog entry all about progression and leveling, and slipped the answer to the much-asked question into the middle of it.  It’s okay, though, because ANet promises that you won’t grind.

We also read more email, including one in which we promise a link to Massively’s official guild forum, so…here.  Come play with us!  Speaking of forums, Guildcast does not have them and Shawn tells all about why that is.

We’ll see you next week — keep the comments and emails coming!

The GuildCast theme song is “The Dirt” by Goddessmusic.

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email over to shawn@guildcast.com or rubi@guildcast.com. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening!



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20 responses to “Episode 12

  1. Mirkwood

    New show! Yay, great ending to a crappy week!

  2. Aonani

    Wait, you didn’t discuss the level cap of 80 in this ep. did you? Or did I miss it?

  3. Chaotic God

    Yay my email was read! haha

  4. How strange to hear the dulcet tones of my eldest grandson Aaron introduce episode 12 !!!

    Interesting take on the level 80 news. IMO the number is irrelevant, as Shawn and Rubi so rightly commented, it is how that fits into gameplay that will matter.

    I suspect the term you were wrangling for Shawn, regarding current uber builds, was META 🙂

  5. McGamor

    I understand the point Loudin(sp) was trying to make in his email. The problem is though that spoilers actually serve a aerodynamic purpose. Spoilers are not only so the car can look “snazzy” as he said.

    It is ironic that even in the age of the internet that people still spew misinformation. I like the show for the most part, but it seems too often the hosts just agree with any listener.

  6. Easy to say name…Book.
    I’m not sure about this…and it may be a ‘definition’ problem…but Hero/hench groups,PUG and, forming groups with your alliance are 3 different things. Grouping with your guildies/allies is not the same as pugging. Anyone’s predelection to have real people in their group is coloured by the availabiliity of a guild/alliance pool of people. I also have problems with pugs because as a monk, people seem to want/prefer UA or HB rather than a build that I prefer. The wiki builds…metabuilds…seem to lead people to believe that this specific build is the only way to get thru any certain situation. A lack of imagination I suppose.
    As far as pirates…I think Brigand would be a better profession name.
    Keep up the good work.


    • Does Book come from Shepherd Book of Firefly fame by any chance? I hear what you say about meta builds, maybe it should be a rule that meta builds have to come with a warning “Meta builds can make you blind” 🙂
      Enjoyed pottering around your blog btw .

  7. sry for the second post…re-reading the article (Blog) they say that the ‘time’ will be about the same each time…but don’t specifically say it will be the same amount of xp


  8. Chaotic God

    To be honest i actually like the level cap of 80 as long as there isn’t a a lot of grind.

  9. BarGamer

    I predict the first level 80 will be in just under 10 hours.

    • ChrisCo

      10 !!! I will have it done in 9:59 /flex

      As for the level 80 cap its just a number. I think the idea will be the same as gw1. You can get to 20 quickly and then carry on with the game.

      I never liked games that took forever to get to the max level and that was it.


      • BillMcD

        Remember, they’re trying to make the game fun throughout, not just at level cap. Just makes me think that some of these MMO fundamentals are more detrimental than anything else. 😦

  10. Yoh

    Damn it Shawn, I wanted in on this podcast.
    Email dude, email.
    (unless you just didn’t get my email, spam filter?)

    I think next time I’ll send it to Rubi, it’s not like she’s busy or anything.

    • Ooooh! I can see Rubi shuffling a necro secondary onto her ele and using Vampiric Gaze in your general direction.

    • Frog Apaires

      Yoh, I’m pretty sure they only take emails they like or that they can get the most of in a due time. My email was not picked either and I sent it to Rubi, I just think we have to try harder next time 😀

  11. Jabb

    I think the major difference between cross profession combos (arrows ignited by fire wall) and splinter weapon is that splinter weapon can only function as a damage buff where as fire wall as a function all by itself and flaming arrows are just a bonus. Not to mention skill combos may not be immediately obvious like they were in gw1 and the fire wall, ranger and enemy actually have to positioned in a certain way to get the effect. Before it was just a support character slapping a buff on and the damage guy going about his business but now one or both parties have to be aware of where people are on the battlefield and take advantage of that. It’s one of the aspects that makes protection prayers fun and challenging combined with the boredom of killing the enemy (yes I main a monk and even on offensive professions I take defense). The end result is still more damage but you get there in a more active and engaging way. Most importantly it will make everyone feel all smart and tactical and won’t give you an ugly weapon.

  12. I am intrigued by the suggestion of a Pirate character, it could come with skills like “Shiver me timbers” or “Ahar Jim lad”, and use a telescope skill to enable you to see for miles. Also the pirate could have a pet (parrot on shoulder).
    I am still leaning toward a sniper/engineer as the next reveal, though my idea of engineer probably overlaps with a thief type, good with mechanical stuff, clever, though with poorer weapon wielding capability than most classes. Dougal Keane may well fit into this category. As Arenanet’s orchestrated release of information continues, it is noticeable that almost everything released about characters and skills so far is recognisable from GW1. Even in Ghosts of Ascalon, most everything was familiar. The book, obviously is part of the pre-release strategy, and as the next book is to be released around Xmas time (unless I misread something), Arenanet will probably remain tight lipped regarding the further game content hinted at in that installment of the trilogy. Maybe Dougal had firearms capability but wasn’t allowed to show it, after all, he had a hard time getting hold of a sword 🙂
    Come to think of it, I first assumed that the charr Ember was a warrior 🙂

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