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In this 5th episode of GuildCast, Shawn and Rubi discuss the latest Q&A with lead designer Eric Flannum and designer Ben Miller regarding combat, skill chains, traits and more. Discussion also turns to the Guild Wars 1 War in Kryta updates and some speculation on where the White Mantle vs. Shining Blade thing is going.

We also read through several emails, including more than a few on GW2 profession speculation. Be sure to check out gw2fans.com where a budding community has already begun to grow. Also check out another Guild Wars podcast Relics of Orr featuring Lady Sinaea as a co-host!

As mentioned in the show, there are a few fun things we want to try for next episode (and beyond):

  • As a mini impromptu contest, we will be giving out a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate to the first person who correctly predicts the next revealed class.
  • Leave a comment to let us know your plans for your GW2 characters. What race/class/order combo will you pick? Why? Will there be a backstory? We would love to hear all about it and read a few on the next episode.
  • We would like to encourage listeners to send in intros for the show, like I did with the original GuildCast. So if that sounds like fun, send a small .mp3 file with something like “This is (name) and you’re listening to GuildCast!”. You may just hear yourself on the show soon!

Look for the complete archive from the original GuildCast to be up soon.

The GuildCast theme song is “The Dirt” by Goddessmusic.

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email over to shawn@guildcast.com or rubi@guildcast.com. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening!



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36 responses to “Episode 5

  1. Klaus

    I suspect the next revealed class will be the ranger.
    Not only because it’s my favourite πŸ˜€

  2. Rowan

    Hey guys, love the show.
    Unfortunately when I try to download episode 5 I get an HTTP error 😦

    • shawnguildcast

      Weird. That must’ve been a temporary error because it did it for me too, but seems to be fixed now.

      • Rowan

        The connection seems to time out every time I try. It’s probably got something to do with me being in New Zealand ^^;
        I’ll try again in a few hours -_-

      • Mandos

        I’m having the same issues…Canada

    • shawnguildcast

      It seems to be an intermittent problem. Hopefully it fixes soon, but it’s on Libsyn’s end 😦

  3. endtype

    I’m predicting a Necromancer next.

  4. Mandos

    Its not clear that on My Mark in any way replaces the ability for general target calling.

    “Q: You mention that the skill On My Mark, which calls out a target. Does this mean that this system present in Guild Wars is no longer available via control+action?

    Eric: We still intend to have our Guild Wars target calling system in place. Think of the skill On My Mark as a shortcut to calling the target, with some cool additional benefits.”

    It seems reasonable to read this as (1) There will still be the old target calling system (2) There is a skill called on my mark that calls a target and also causes some effect.

  5. Sai

    Ranger is definitely the next class to be introduce.

  6. Prince Zorkian

    I like the idea of the ranger being the next class, but I could see the ranger becoming more of a druid like class (ranger’s pets tied into the Monk), or in other words a scholar class OR being tied into the paragon like class – a soldier type. With them already revealing a scholar class and a soldier class, I am thinking they will reveal an adventurer class. Most games with an adventurer class have something like a thief, a traveling bard type class and the Guild Wars closest equivalent is the Mesmer type. So I am going to say that the next reveal will be a Mesmer or something that can directly be linked back to the Mesmer.

  7. Rowan

    I got it to work πŸ˜€

    I predict Mesmer next.

  8. I am really looking forward to Guild Wars 2, the more I hear about it the better its getting.
    I have one question: As a casual gamer would I get a lot out of starting a GW character now (I have a copy of Prophecies)?

    • You’ll get a lot out of it, even as a new player in Prophecies. Say it’s still a year till GW2 comes out–that’s plenty of time to really get into the game.

  9. Inde’s a she, Shawn. ^______^

  10. bargamer

    I predict a Ranger which specializes in… Gun Kata. πŸ˜€

  11. I think the next reveal is going to be something new. They’ve given us two obvious ones and next their going to blow us away with something else. Perhaps a class that sheds light on the role guns will play.

    We’ve got the nuker and the melee classes, so I think the next will complete the trifecta–GW2’s version of the warrior/thief/mage or tank/nuker/healer–and I think that class is the counter class, the mesmer and necro.

    So, to actually make a prediction instead of stroking my chin, the next class will be a mesmer/gunslinger counter/debuff in the adventurer group. A Big Damn Hero, if you will.

    As for what I’m going to play, my main character will be one of those I just mentioned (or a mesmer at the very least), and likely be female human or charr. I also want to try an asuran warrior, because I’m one of those people who try to come up with an E/W build just to see Vekk hit things with a hammer (along with my rit throwing a spear). Still on the fence about orders. Whispers most likely; definitely not Vigil, too crude.

  12. We love you! πŸ˜€

    I was speechless when I woke up this morning, seeing the new entry, hehe. Can’t thank you enough for mentioning us.

    Another great episode!

  13. Klaus

    I think the ranger will be lot alike the one from the first GW, but it will be the necro/summoner that will look a lot like a druid (especially for the sylvari, the asura will have their golems and the charr maybe one of those big burning straw-mans, norn maybe a flock of ravens, but not sure about the humans).

  14. Cow Moo Flage

    Ranger ;)!

  15. I hope the next class is going to be a Monk, I’ve always been a healer and there’s no turning back πŸ™‚

    As for a race, I’m interested in being a charr female just because of the kitty look. A few years back I gave my girlfriend permission to name my main in lotro, which became “Poesje” (Dutch for kitten/pussycat, pronounced “poosha”). Looking at the charr female, I think she’ll love me longtime if I were to pick that combo.

    Afterwards, I’ll also be creating a sexy female sylvari elementalist as looking at a nice backside while gaming is never bad.

    Argh.. I’m such a clichΓ© male, playing female chars.. Ah well. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, great job once again on the podcast. Good way to start your morning with.

    • Owh, and by Monk I mean anything that passes as a healer this time around (got to stop using the word). We know Monks likely won’t exist due to the planned changes to make healing more individual, so a Paladin/Cleric-like melee support class is something I’m hoping to see and roll.

  16. Daelin

    Male human warrior will be my first character. I suspect the ranger will be revealed next to have the RPG “Holy Trinity” confirmed.

  17. Nox

    Prediction for next reveal: assassin. Only because people have already predicted mesmer, necromancer and ranger… prize for the first correct guess πŸ™‚

    Nox Swiftspell, raised amidst the human-charr war in the sunny lowlands, is new to the mesmer profession. He walks the path of the Snow Leopard, stalking prey with padded feet and pouncing for the kill with a perfectly-timed spell of immense power. The Order of Whispers are fools; the Durmand Priory misplace their faith; only the strength of the Vigil will destroy Zhaitan and his cursed army.

    He he. Great podcast.

    I might do an intro πŸ™‚

  18. Tigerfeet

    My money’s on a ranger next. Not only that, I think it’ll be the charr in the upper-left-hand corner.

    I’ll absolutely send you an intro! Do you have anything against saying “This is from , and you’re listening to GuildCast!”? I don’t want to promote myself if it’s not welcome πŸ™‚

    In fact, I just made a post about my speculations for another melee class here: http://secretagentcat.wordpress.com/2010/06/22/me-and-my-old-melee/

  19. Chiyo

    My heart says Rit.
    My brain says Melee-Support class (Do not know the name, but I would say Paladin?).

    P.S. If we can dual-wield swords, can we dual-wield pistols? Old Western class? Dare I say, Red Dead Redemption?

  20. Mortifact Necrosis

    My guess is the Summoner (the Necro/Rit combo). If not this time then the next, because I do think they wanna show off a new class soon to really get people excited!

  21. Adam

    Hey shawn, a quick heads up, i noticed you guys were looking for the old Guildcast episodes somewhere? well if you look at the iTunes listing for “Guildcast”, it’s -all- there (every episode) and has been since before you started the new episodes. looks like your work has all been done for you πŸ™‚

  22. Adam

    hey, apologies over the message i just sent. it appears that (after trying to download episode 63 haha) itunes no longer has them in the catalogue. at this point i’d like to give a thumbs up for the efforts at uploading them again! please do!

    P.S on the subject of “People who were in middle school in guild wars and are now in college”, I’m going to have to add 1 to the list; i’ve been playing since 2005 and plan on diving into GW2 head first!

  23. Sam

    Hey Shawn & Rubi,

    First of all thank you for starting the show back up and providing me with all of the GW2 news I could want.

    First of all, I am a veteran of GW (3+ years) and recently had both my main account and my Alt account stolen. I was wondering if it would be worth it to get my hall of monuments decked out before GW2 or just go in fresh.

    Also, You should really have a Reunion between you and all of the regulars from GW1.

    Thanks, Sam

  24. Aztex

    My guess is that the next profession will be a ranger or something similar, they said there are going to be be 3 scholars, 3 adventurers and 2 soldier professions. They showed us 1 scholar and 1 soldier, the next one will definitely be an adventurer and they are starting with old profession so yeah……ranger or assassin

  25. Yoh

    Man I’m late to the party…..
    My guess, which has already be stated it seems, is the Necromancer/Rit combination.
    Like, well, a summoner….. of the dead.

    I’d guessing it will be mostly like a necro, but with some of the things that work with rits, namely summoning spirits.

    Who’s going to kick themselves if it turns out to be a ranger?

  26. echo

    theres body block in gw1… vital to HA and GvG

  27. axhed

    yo! i’ve only played about 2o minutes of gw, but ep. 63 was totally worth the listen.

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