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GuildCast’s fourth episode features Shawn and Rubi talking all about the reveal of the warrior class and the introduction of traits in Guild Wars 2.  We also covered some great interviews with Eric Flannum, the Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer — one from Onlinewelten and one from Massively.  Listener Jose asked about forums to discuss guilds and alliances in Guild Wars 2, so we are officially directing him to Guild Wars 2 Guru and the Guild Wars Online forums.

We also talk about Fallen Earth and Lord of the Rings Online for some reason, our plans for PAX and Dragon*Con, and read listener email. Be sure to check our Relics of Orr for their upcoming GW2 podcast next week!

If you’d like to contact us, shoot an email over to shawn@guildcast.com or rubi@guildcast.com. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for listening!



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25 responses to “Episode 4

  1. Great job guys! Keep up the good work! 😀

  2. ShaunMK

    How about getting some nice Guild Wars cover art for the podcast? Otherwise good work.

  3. bargamer

    Profession Speculation: Ritualist and Necromancer are going to be combined into something like a “Disciple of Grenth.” The Dervish and Assassin are going to combined into an “Assassin’s Creed” character. Warrior and Ranger are going to be combined outright. The Mesmer and Monk are going to be combined into some sort of Shaman or Witch Doctor. Elementalist gets it’s own Profession. The new classes include: Martial Artist and… Mounted Knight. 😀

  4. Another episode, your getting very reliable 😉

    Am downloading now and will listen to it after lunch. thanks.

  5. Takeo

    Yay, my questions were answered!
    That merge with Sin and Derv becoming kinda like the assassins creed char did cross my mind. Would b cool!

  6. Alpha

    Assuming it’s actually a full song, any idea where i could download your intro music? It’s kinda awesome 🙂

  7. Jabb

    Clearly necro hexes, debuffs and some of their blood support will be given to mesmers. Assassins will mostly be in a ranger or scout-ish class but what isn’t in the ranger will be in a dervish-esque class that elegantly combines damage, buffs and debuffs. Ritualists will return with a pinch of necro flavor basically what wasn’t absorbed into mesmers. The 3rd adventurer type class is the environment weapon specialist that was mentioned. The 2nd soldier will basically be a paragon that trades the high damage of a warrior for defense, healing and other types of support/buffs.

  8. Chiyo

    YAY! Rit stays! Hurrah!
    But I disagree with @bargamer with Rit and Necro combining. I would bet more on “Naturalist” being combo of Rit and Ranger. But oh well, Rit and Necro isn’t a bad combination either.

    Anyways, Rit stays, at least the expert says! 😀

  9. Seth


    this thread has concept art of classes, and the art matches what we have been getting as wallpapers for the ele and war. take what you will with them tho.

  10. Felladin

    I’ve read somewhere in an interview that there will be:
    2 warrior professions
    3 ranged professions
    3 mage professions

    As for ranger going, every time they discuss warrior as a ranger alternative, they add that it will be somewhat hard and not what they are meant to be.

    Monk has been confirmed as gone. According to an early interview Eric Flannum said there will be no real healer-profession. Instead he suggested a water elementalist of sylvari race as they will have a lot of healing spells to them.

    As for mesmer being lost, one of the main characters is related to Gwen, and they just made a huge upgrade on the mesmers, so I would guess they’re still in.

    • Seth

      its 2 soldier 3 adventurer and 3 scholars
      so pretty much what you said but the adventurers dont all have to be ranged

  11. Qaletaqa Hania

    I’m listening to the podcast right now and I just heard about the one-liners, well… those could be an indication of what is beeing cast, like let’s say an elementalist makes a firewall and you hear that one-liner then you might wanna start planning on what you are gonna do next, wich skill you are gonna use etc… or switch weapons to get the most out of that firewall.

    Just an example: a warrior uses stomp and says “Hold that pose!”, another warrior hears that one-liner (if they are skill specific one-liners) but is not close enough to use melee weapons, but then switches to longbow and uses arcing shot and aims where the foes are knocked down and kills’em.

    That’s just a thought. One-liners like that could help coordinate attacks.

  12. Qaletaqa Hania

    Ow, I should have listened to the rest first :P.

  13. Qaletaqa Hania

    I think ritualist and dervish will get removed.

    I think ritualists abilities/skills will be moved to ranger, necromancer and monk.

    I really hope Rangers stay, my first character in GW1 was a ranger and I still play with it.

    Alltho if it gets removed, i’ll play the profession(s) that resembles the ranger the most. Warrior looks nice already…

  14. ChrisCo

    Great episode as always =)

    I’m thinking that …
    -Monk/derv will be merged into a paladin type class.

    -Ranger/Rit merged into a nature class

    -Para is gone into the warrior

    -Sins will become the rogue class

    …. and necro’s are ugly so they can just stay in guild wars 1 =p

  15. i’ve speculated in my blog about this a bit, and have come to some similar but different conclusions.

    other than warrior and elementalist, i’m pretty confident about ranger, mesmer and assassins being somewhat changed but relatively the same.

    ritualist folded into the necro, and both becoming more of a summoner, but thats a little heavier on speculation.

    paragon folded into warrior like you guys seem to think.

    dervish folded into monk, believe it or not, which will be a more solider like cleric/paladin. but more of a d&d cleric.

    I’ve got a fair amount of reasoning behind all this on my blog if anyones interested.

  16. Takeo

    I dont think the RSS feed is working. It wont work on my google chrome!

  17. Thanks again for the great work, it was the most interesting GW2 GuildCast to date. Keep it up!

  18. Mandos

    (1) Referring to other games is actually helpful! Even if its not Guild Wars related, it provides a helpful point of reference for thinking about what the proposed changes will be like.

    (2) Profession Speculation

    (a) Ranger: I don’t believe that warriors wielding longbows means that there won’t be a ranger type class that also wields a bow.

    First, from part 2 of the GW2 blog we are told there will be a short bow as well as a long bow. We know know the warrior doesn’t wield a short-bow. So, some other class must wield a short bow.

    Second, we don’t know that a given weapon can only be used by one class. So a ranger could still wield a long-bow. All that is said is No single profession is able to use all of these weapons, and some of them can wield a lot more than others.” There are 16 weapons in total. The warrior can use 9 of them. If a weapon can only be used by one class, that would leave 7 weapons for 7 other classes. Clearly this is unlikely.

    Third, in the races video, we see the Norn character wielding a bow. They appear to have light armor, and the members of destiny’s edge would likely not repeat classes.

    (2) What classes will go?

    We know the warrior and ele exist, leaving 6 classes in GW2, and 8 remaining classes from GW1. We know there are 2 new classes. Thus, 4/6 spots will be filled by old classes. This means 4 get cut or absorbed by other classes.

    The most likely cuts are to classes that are the least diverse, or add the least to the game, or could easily be absorbed into other classes.


    (1) Paragon: There are no spears in GW2. Banners and shouts seem to be given more emphasis in the warrior class. Paragons were a problematic class in terms of balance in GW1.

    (2) Monk: Every class has a self heal. We know there is less emphasis on any one class being necessary for team play. A lot of people didn’t like playing them.

    (3) Ritualist: They simply don’t add enough to gameplay. The resto line overlaps with monk tools. Channeling is akin to smiting. Given its likely the monk is gone, the rit is likely gone given how much overlap in att style there is. The handful of useful weapons could easily be merged someone else. Spirits are somewhat unique, but overlap in style with minions.

    (4) Dervish: Not much to say here…never a really popular class or very unique in terms of att lines. Two hand sword sounds like it may perform a similar role to scythes.


    (1) Elementalist (scholar)

    (2) Warrior (soldier)

    (3) Mesmer (scholar)

    (4) Necromancer (scholar)

    (5) Ranger (adventurer)

    (6) Assassin/rouge (adventurer)

    (7*) Cleric/Paladin (soldier)

    (8*) Gunner(?) (adventurer)

    Now I also think it’s likely that these classes will be hybrids and mergers of different aspects of cut classes to some extend. Necro could take on some rit aspects, warrior with paragon, Cleric with monk etc.

  19. Falkin

    In one of the combat articles arena net gave us the full list of wieldable weapons, and the scythe is not on that list. So my bet would be that the dervish will be no more in gw2.

  20. Tankcaster

    Wow. I was extremely happy upon hearing my email on this podcast. I squealed a bit. You guys did great ^ ^

  21. Slade

    Real great show, real informative eps. Anyways whatever happens to M.O.X. in GW2? is he still around? He is a uniqe asura golem and a hero kinda and probley the only one that could actually still be around 250yrs latter 😛

  22. Glad to have you two doing a show just on this.

    I do hope Ritualist stays. That is what I run almost 90% of the time now. It was a class I thought was silly at first but after spending time with it, I love it. It is unique and should stay in the game!

    Four I feel could be dropped for now:
    Ranger or Assassin (they could become one)

  23. Too much focus on GW2.

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