Episode 1: Intro

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Welcome to GuildCast episode one!  If you’re familiar with the GuildCast name, you’re probably a little confused because there has already been an episode one.  And an episode 96.  Well, we’re making a fresh start and re-entering the world of GuildCast just in time for Guild Wars 2, and we’ll keep you informed on all the latest GW2 news.

This week Shawn and Rubi kick things off with an overview of the current Guild Wars 2 news: the War in Kryta that’s leading us into the future of Tyria, the introduction of professions, skills, and combat, the dynamic event system, and costume design.  In the coming weeks we’ll explore each of those in greater details, so don’t miss out!



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20 responses to “Episode 1: Intro

  1. Nox

    Nice work! So good to hear actual peoples voices talking about GW2.. Lol

  2. Toodles

    Sweeeeet!!! I’m so psyched!


    I am very happy to see my favorite podcast back!

  4. Kev

    Where’s the feed?

    (WB, BTW!)

  5. Mirage

    YES! So returns the greatest podcast EVER! SHAWN! I LOVE YOU! 😀

  6. Drofwarc

    When can we expect an iTunes listing?

  7. Verity

    So happy you’re back — Guildcast was the best. Can’t wait to see how it evolves.

  8. Demonia Fatalis

    Welcome back. I still think the original GuildCast was the greatest podcast ever.

    A couple of suggestions:
    1) Could you rename the podcast GuildCast2 to avoid confusion with the original?
    2) If it is something you control could you change genre that appears in Windows Media Player from “Other” to “Podcast”? It just makes it easier to find on my MP3 player.

  9. Daelin

    :O It hath returned!

  10. DarkChyld

    I’m new to this podcast, and gota say, ‘I’m loving it’ 😉

  11. Shepard

    Thankyou for the reboot!

    I believe arenanet maybe combining classes.

    ritualist and necromancer – both deal with dead

    warrior and paragon – physical damage dealers and heavy armor

    ranger and assasin – lighter armor and both use stealth

    And because some of your skills are based on the weapon you use this would help distinguish the abilities.

    Just my thought.

  12. Alpha

    Omg awesome! 😀 Glad to have you back

  13. Malchior Devenholm

    Hey hey, this should be interesting! I’ll be keeping an eye on this 😀

    Welcome back 🙂

  14. Tankcaster

    It’s nice you guys are finally back. I’m a big fan, and I’m only 13 so you should feel special, considering I’ve been playing the game … since … it came out five years ago?
    Fun game.

  15. Aonani

    Yay!! I’m so glad you guys are back! This made my day when I found out you’re doing podcasts again! 😀

  16. Hmm

    I hope you guys realize it’s 1 heal skill and 1 elite. Not rez sig. Unless I missed something

  17. Talon

    Glad to see yall bacl 😀

  18. Avascar

    A radio-like program,and it took 30 minutes to load per episode.

    So far,pretty much with only voices,but since this is very old,I’m gonna skip to a couple of episodes.

    So far,so good 🙂

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